May once thought for it to happen
though definitely didn’t plan it nor beg for it;
Not this way, not this fast.
Surely don’t want to end the strong bond built
but now everything might just change.
Maybe I should keep a little distance—
just a little to let you contemplate
for that matter so that none of us
get hurt Eventually…

But NO!
I want no barriers.
Still, I wanna keep holding on,
enough to be felt
and have you feel it even more!
Everyday, every second, every moment;
with no hesitations,
no buts,
no ifs!
not so tight—
so you can explore the world
and see it with your heart;
experience pain, learn around you, be free!
and when everything seems to fall,
First run to Him then walk on,
there you will see Me.

About razelFilipino

"...simpleng pangarap, malaking hamon. ito ang nais paghandaan at maranasan." Experience leads to learning as it shapes one’s perspective towards everything around us. Writing has been a very powerful tool for me to see things through, think out of the box, reflect, look at things on a bigger picture and be keen on details; to be rational, open-minded and just to be simply free. For every thought, for every word, for every phrase and for every emotional state may be kept or conveyed...