Make Your Vote Count for Jessica Sanchez on American Idol!

Simply crazy. Though it does seem to happen each season, last week’s episode of American Idol Season 11 was probably the most shocking to date.  It’s amazing that it seems almost every  year, American Idol viewers for one reason or another, do not vote for the best and the result is a front-runner getting booted out from the competition.   This year, it was (almost) Jessica Sanchez.  What really saved Jessica Sanchez from sure elimination was really her previous performances, impressing the judges almost every week, prompting them to give her a few standing ovations, that they could not simply bear to see her go relatively early in the competition.

As the bewildered Jessica Sanchez sang her song to save herself, missing her first notes and barely a few lines in, American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez came up the stage, with fellow judges Randy Jackson and Steven Tyler in tow, took the mic from Jessica and exclaimed, “Give me that mic”… “this is crazy!”.

I have to admit that I was surprised too.  A few minutes before,  Ryan Seacrest started separating the American Idol contestants into two groups of three, where one group consisted of contestants who most of us thought had an okay performance, Colton, Hollie, Phillip and the other group had Jessica, Elise and Joshua, who clearly had better performances the night before.  He intentionally left Skylar Lane sitting alone and asked her to choose what group she belonged to.  Skylar protested, but Ryan took her and brought her to join the group with Colton, Hollie and Phillip and announced they were safe!  At this point, I had an idea this wasn’t going to be a regular episode.  Finally, Ryan turned to the other group and Jessica was singled out as one having the least votes and was in danger of elimination. Wow.

It was the least expected to put it mildly, and it brought a lot of people on their feet in protest, including the judges.  Thinking about it, if they had used their one and only chance to veto an elimination in the  previous weeks, Jessica would have been back in San Diego by now, watching the next AI episode in her living room, popcorn on one hand, kleenex on the other.  Crying her eyes out.

Many theories of why this happened abound.  Some say it was a ploy by the producers to get more people to vote,  some think it was the enormous amount of  teen-aged girls on their cell phones voting for either Colin or Phillip.  While many others think it was just complacency, that many viewers assumed that Jessica was a ‘shoo-in’ and the other person would send votes for Jessica instead.

Regardless of all the speculation and theories, the fact remains that, as American Idol judge Randy Jackson said, we have to “vote for the best”.  This is American Idol.  It’s not a beauty pageant, it’s not vote for the cutest guy, we have to vote for the best talent.  To me, it is Jessica Sanchez.  It is not because she is Filipina, it is because she is the best among the last seven.

Wednesday is another episode.  I am sure Jessica will bring it up another notch and wow everyone again.  But I hope this time, we can all pick up our phones or login and vote!

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