Social Media Misanthrope – Why Negative Netizens Occur

Very allergic but highly immuned

Today I found this quote and it says, “People come into your life for a reason, a season, or a lifetime. When you figured out which one it is, you will know what to do for each person.”

Unfortunately a month or so ago I met a highly delusional and confrontational troll, and I attacked her with pride. Because she was so high strung about being right, and most of what she said simply gave me the impression that she was a misogynist, racist, and a poorly misguided twat. Two days into using Disqus and I’ve already made an enemy on an opinion based article, since I have a rule of thumb that if web – based articles not written by a doctor, a psychologist, and doesn’t come from periodicals or online libraries from educational portals can never be considered true and factual.

Sighs the luxury!

But as a sane person I decided to report her account in disqus and from face book. Because right after I closed my disqus account. She found my face book page sent me a friend request and left me a one – liner message that probably meant to insult and annoy me, but not hateful enough to stir me into anger. I’m a very angry person in real life, so if you were the subject of my hate and anger rest assured I’ll make it obvious. And if I’m extra nice I’d prefer locking you in a closet for the rest of your god awful life, or punch the lights out of you. Let me reiterate myself – I’m an angry person not violent.

Hate is an art. You can’t go around hating and snubbing people because you feel entitled to. It just means you’re still probably an in-betweener, or you probably have no friends to talk to.

Hate is something special. It’s not a destructive energy but it can make you restless and flighty, and the best way to live with hate is to be spontaneous. For love and hate does not have gray lines they’re both energies that serve to push you forward or pull you way back into the dark. Though you shouldn’t be afraid because its main purpose is to help you grow into a real person by forcing you to face your flaws so you can work through them. In Philippine mythology, if a guilty horrible person dies then the person is subjected to repent by carrying a basin filled with water for as long as the person feels guilty, but once the person moves on and accepts the lesson they’ve learn from their mistakes then they can celebrate liberation of spirit. It’s only in monotheistic and organized religion that teaches you a sense of god – fearing and hate for the scrums. It doesn’t teach you to tolerate human short comings except fosters false pride, but the belief in god/goddess and spirit is your own free will. Just make sure you ask your local clergyman how to formally defect from their club if you feel unsure about their way of teaching the spirit.

Tis true.

For now my birth certificate says I’m a Roman Catholic, however I’m an atheist by heart and virtue, but the choice to defect is impossible unless you prefer being excommunicated from the church through sacrilegious actions. A canon law which was passed in 2009 abolished defection therefore attempts to defect is futile.

When I was going through the comment section curious to know what caused the alarming debates. I realized there was none except a person who had 1 part misogynist, 1 part misandry, and a whole lot of negativity inside. She’s a walking plague so I avoided her but unfortunately she found me on LinkedIn as well, and I decided to delete that account because it’s pretty useless for me. But when I first saw her comments I thought she was having problems with other disqus users because it looked as if she was the one being aggravated, so out of pity I sent a comment telling her through examples how difficult love is especially from another race…then she replied in a confrontational manner.

If she was throwing tantrums on the internet. Then I might as well throw mine at her. I reiterated to her what she described as evidenced by her own mother, who was probably Filipina and came from the province, but no sane person male or female would scare their child into adulthood about forcible circumcision. The way she handled an internet conversation with males especially ones she doesn’t agree with is really full of hate and nastiness. But the way she handles conversation with other females that she suddenly takes a dislike is to undermine them, and like a dog she wags her tail as to waft the smell of her odious self.

In short the troll was never a troll but a high strung, delusional, and seriously confused individual that should avoid commenting on articles that only reinforces racism, misanthrope, and sociopathy.

I’m not upset but I’m not the type to back down either. I’ve had a good and long experience with conflict, so I’m always ready for a duel of wits or stupidity. If you blow your steam on me then I’ll be sure to pour some hot water on your wounds maybe add some kerosene then set you on fire.

Kay want another round? :p

I came into her life knowing that she needed to have some sense knocked unto her head. I don’t regret screwing her over at Disqus because most of what I said serves to reflect her own miserable actions towards other people, most of all the internet is full of lies and deception so I wouldn’t be surprised if the media uses the internet to stir feelings of fear for tomorrow.

Life is difficult so don’t make it any more difficult than it already is. Peace. Not.

Whether your left or right wing. I don’t care.




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