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Social media with its phenomenal global reach is one form of modern technology that makes people’s lives easier and faster. It is revolutionary, creative, versatile and to some lucky ones, unlimited.

Going digital connects people from all walks of life in a short span of time and in the fastest way unimaginable. That is the reason why telecommunication companies battle for the greatest and fastest broadband connection on the planet.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, You Tube, Netflix and all other live streaming sites rule the online sphere. We now live in a digital matrix. Technology has made communication go beyond borders. It transcends all boundaries.

The internet – aside from its entertaining, informative and commercial values – also paved the way to see the ugly truth about life. We have become more open and aware to the sad reality of our human existence. The only difference now is that – the transmission of information is faster and more powerful because of instant communication.

In one click, we can now see things unfold in front of our very eyes. We see the world is in chaos. The earth is changing at a fast rate. Society is disintegrating. Couples are breaking up. The traditional family structure is challenging the norms and traditions. People are killing each other.  Natural disasters are everywhere. Countries are at war with other countries. The problems are endless.

And we, humans, have the innate capability to label all things that we can’t understand.  People with different opinions, we immediately call them crazies or loonies.  Experts diagnose these differences as  behavior syndromes. Or worse, we lock them in mental asylums. For us, it’s easier that way because our logical mind can’t find the right answers or we are just simply want to make things complicated. But instead of giving people names that they don’t deserve, why not, just let them be who they are. Let us be more compassionate and understanding of the way things are.

There should be unity in diversity. 

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Internet is a great way to spread love, hope, peace, kindness, social justice and truth.  Social media is a very powerful tool in spreading awareness and bridging the wide gap among us. There are a lot of online communities, websites and advocacy groups and pages which promote camaraderie, brotherhood, love and peace.  They are doing a damn good job on spreading a positive vibes to all people. But we can also help these collective humanitarian goals by contributing individually. How?

By doing it in our OWN small way.

  • If we can only talk to people sensibly about our ideas so we can bring out the pains and sufferings that  we feel inside instead of unleashing it to the other people by resorting to hate, giving rude comments or being controlling to others- then maybe there is hope.
  • If we can go within ourselves and find the reason behind our actions so we can stop the bashing, trolling and trying to put people down through hate speech on culture or race differences – then, maybe there is hope.
  • If only the so-called keyboard warriors can write more about kindness and inspiring words that uplift a person’s moods and life situations or boost the morale,  if they can give empathy or  can make people happy instead of manifesting their emotions through aggressive writing, cyber bullying, hating and revenge – maybe there is hope.
  • If only people do have a better and deeper understanding that it’s not about other people’s fault or mistake or different ideas. It’s about us. It’s always been us. What we project to the outside world is who we really are and what we feel inside – then, I believe there is hope.

People nowadays live in fear and hate. There are people out there who want to create chaos and confusion.  We are having a hard time saying a simple thank you or do an act of gratitude or even smile. We always complain, whine and complicate matters.

Internet should be a dove of peace instead of becoming a beast of madness.

Just because people are made to believe and think that freedom of speech has no limits and no boundaries, it doesn’t mean one can be irresponsible and rude. With freedom come sensibility, awareness and empathy for other people’s feelings and views.

Let us not feed on the FEAR and HATE.

Having said all these – despite of the bad connotation associated with it – I can still see social media as a positive tool to connect, inform and raise social awareness. It is still the best way to advocate a cause or promote an event or a blog, a great way to do business or learn a course or market products and services. It is still one of the great venues to meet people.  In these modern times, especially for us who are working and living abroad, we are having long distance relationships with loved ones, families and friends through social media.  Connecting with people is one of our basic social needs and it can fall under Abraham Maslow’s Love and Belonging stage.  Everybody needs to feel the love and be loved, the need to belong to a group and community or to someone or else, we will feel lost, abandoned and isolated.

But we just need to be responsible for the message that we send across. We need to ask ourselves. Is it for the good of all? Will it benefit most people? Will it give hope and inspiration? Will it show kindness and empathy? Will it make people happy? Will it promote peace?

People are not inherently bad, just misunderstood and mislabeled more often.

The Earth is weeping. People are helpless and getting hopeless and trying to reach out.  Why can’t we be the light in the midst of darkness? We need to keep the faith. There must be a collective effort to be able to achieve these goals.

Don’t get me wrong here, we are not trying to become saints, Avenger-type heroes or acting like God to save mankind from the impending doom. NO, because we are far from it. We are trying to do what every human being is capable of giving – LOVE and LIGHT.

All we need is MINDFULNESS.

Being aware of everything we think, say or do. So, it’s really possible. It’s no rocket science.

Our beloved Mother Earth needs more peacekeepers.

We can always have a choice.

Peace to all.

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