Single during Valentine’s Day? 5 Things to Do during February 14

 So, you’re single for February 14, eh?

With Valentine’s Day just looming around the corner, you can’t help but feel a bit down especially when you just got out of a relationship (or had never been in one for a while now).

So, before you make any plans to just lock yourself in your room all day on February 14 with a bucket of ice cream and tons of romantic movies while bawling your eyes out on why you get as much attention as a white crayon, there are actually plenty of things you could do that could make that fateful day a little more bearable than usual.


1. Embrace Independence.

Being single doesn’t automatically equate to being one cat away from being the crazy-cat lady. It means you get the chance to actually do stuff that you can’t seem to do while you’re attached, and let’s face it, there are plenty of activities you can do without the help of a significant other. Pig-out on that ice cream you’ve been wanting without a guy/girl telling you that you might get fat? Sheer bliss.


2. Treat Yourself.

Yep, as in go on a date with yourself, but it would be also fun if you could tag some of your equally single friends as well. Use the day to treat yourself to something that you’ve always wanted, and best of all, it doesn’t have to be expensive. You could go on a shopping spree and buy yourself those gorgeous shoes you have been drooling over for the past few days, or you can just settle for a tasty treat for yourself. Carpe diem!


3. Go to a Spa.

What better way to forget the woes of being single on Valentine’s Day than to immerse yourself in the comfort and relaxation offered by a spa? If you can’t afford a spa, no worries. Getting a mani-pedi for yourself can work wonders for a single chick.


4. Throw a Party.

And, no, I don’t mean the “get-super-drunk-so-I’ll-forget-everything” party. It doesn’t have to be a super lavish party. A nice get-together with some of your closest (single) friends will help everyone (especially you) to party the day away.


5. Watch a movie.

While it doesn’t have to be a requirement to have an awesome home theater system, watching a movie is a pretty awesome way to forget all the sappy-ness in the outside world during February 14. Oh, and stay away from romantic movies that would make you reach for the box of tissues. Go for the horror/thriller flicks instead. Do invite your single friends– the more the merrier.

There are actually plenty of other stuff that you can do during Valentine’s Day that doesn’t have to be with a guy/girl. You can also send gifts and other heartfelt messages to your family and friends. I mean, who ever said that Valentine’s Day is  supposed to be celebrated between lovers anyways?