Should smart women who are in a relationship pretend to be dumb, so as not to hurt their partner’s ego?

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It is interesting to note that there are just smart women out there, and it just comes natural for them to exhibit their wit, without putting too much effort.

Should they dampen it to be able to make their men feel comfortable?

I have always believed in equality – but the truth is, there will never be equality in terms of men and women in a relationship, especially when it comes to who will lead and who will follow.

Women will always hand the leadership to the men, no matter who has more sense between the two of them. It is the natural order of life. Adam was created first; therefore, in logical sense he must lead the woman.

However, if the woman were naturally gifted with wisdom — whether she got it from her education or her natural interest for things and knowledge –should she be tortured by toning it down, so as not to overshadow her partner?

A man who cannot stand side by side with a woman, and not feel pained when she opens her mouth to spill out knowledge of things – should not look for such a woman to begin with.

I have always read that a smart woman makes his partner feel smarter, because she knows, men instinctively wants to feel superior. I cannot imagine how low the woman has to go just to reach down to her partner when it comes to love. I do not think this is right for the woman to do.

However, a smart woman can make a man shine, even brighter if she wants to, but only if he has it — “only when he has it”. Because a woman will never make a man smart, by making herself dumb.

When a men feels he is being overshadowed by the woman, even if she never intended it that way, he will feel off-balance and will lose his identity in the relationship. If that happens – it only means, either the woman is coming too strong or he is just too weak.

However, would a smart woman be happy to tame her natural zest to blurt out ideas and speak her mind?

If a woman has to pretend to be dumb when she is with her partner, obviously she is with the wrong person.

A relationship should be able to make you grow, and demonstrate your true self, and be who you are and not to walk on eggshells so not to hurt your partner.

Although many people are saying that, a smart woman makes her man feel that he is the best in everything. I totally agree in that. It makes for a wonderful and harmonious relationship- suffice to say there are also women who love to play dumb.
She shuts her mouth and pretend not to know better when deep inside she is saying … oh babe that is WRONG!

A woman should support and encourage her partner and not put him down, if she wants to enjoy his potentials — but in the same sense, which is very important to note — is not to go to that direction where she will have to stunt her own personal growth and put herself down — just to bring her partner up.

If she is unable to say her opinion and voice out her valid opposing thoughts, because the man’s idea can’t be argued for fear of bruising his ego, it is like the woman is being a crutch for someone who is insecure in his own intellect.

That is why intellectual equality is also very important in finding a partner in life. If you are the type who lives in reading and talking about politics and sciences and business – do not be with someone who hates to listen to these topics.

You will be muted in no time just to make your partner feel at ease or not be bored the least.

Some men rejoice in the success and smartness of their partner/spouse, which to me are the most secured men in the planet.

They say opposites attract which is extremely romantic sometimes, but in reality — it is the mind, that connects people.
If you are going in a different direction intellectual wise, you have to make sure there is something stronger between the two of you that can surpass that difference.

The woman should be willing to quiet down her impulse to talk when her man has already spoken, but if her partner makes it a habit to let her play that role, of being dumb every time — she should recoup her options and maybe run as fast as she can.

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