Shopping Center ng Pinoy

Shopping Center ng Pinoy
You want crowd? We’ll give you much. And it’s going to be a war.

“Magkano yan?”
“Dalawa 150”
“100 na lang”
“Sapat na po. Limang piso lang po tubo namen”

Are you a good shopper? Are you one of the people who never fail in asking “Tawad” when it comes to buying? Have you been in the hottest, adventurous, thrilling experience of shopping? Have you been in Divisoria? If not. You are no excellent and cool shopper. You never experience the excitement of pulling and pushing. Being pushed and being bumped. Being hit and being bashed. Slowly. Annoyingly. Truly. Madly. Deeply. Shopping in Divisoria is a war.

If you are a hell of a shopper that gives a damn with mega super cheap things for a gift to your love ones then Divisoria is the right place for you. It is a heaven of bargains. It is a haven of the cheapest among the cheapest price that your money can buy. But it is a must to prepare yourself for a battle.

Level 1:
If you have an auto, lucky are you for the jams which are not sweet because it’s traffic. If you are a commuter, don’t you dare to wear your Sunday’s best, as the movie says, “Ang mundo ay isang malakeng Quaipo at maraming snatcher”Add up the people who cross streets and the dancing and singing Badjaos who have their out of this world songs. Never mind the rain and the horning of jeepneys.
Level 2:

Walking Marathon. Fun Run is no match in enjoying the heaven of bargains. Spell shopping? Needles cannot fill the place!

“Excuse me po”
“Pwede ba wag kayo manulak? Lahat tayo makakarating din sa labas!”
“Hello, nandito ako sa Divisoria hindi ako makalabas ang dameng tao”
“Sige, salubong kayo ng salubong eh.Mga wala kayong konsiderasyon… may mga bitbit pa kameng bata oh!”
“Sige po daan ka na!”
“Magkano yan?”
“Baket ba? Nagbabayad kame dito! Wala kayong karapatan magalet kung nakaharang kame”
“Hermes! Hermes! Oh! Hermes ni Aling Dionisia andito oh! Murang-mura lang oh!”
“Mga ale mga ale, pag may tumigas sa likod nyo ayun na yun”
“Mag-ingat sa mandurukot! Hindi bale ng mahipuan wag lang madukutan!”

All in queue. Divisoria is one box office hit. You can never tell where and when shoppers will stop.

Level 3:

Window Shopping. No matter how rich you are during Christmas holidays, you can never buy all the dazzling, shimmering hanging clothes worn by balloon mannequins. Prepare yourself for control. You won’t need them all.

“Magkano yan?”
“220 po ang isa”
“Dalawa bibilen ko, pwede bang 400 na lang”
“Ay sapat na po”
“Sige na kuya”
“Wala na po ako magagawa kung hindi nyo talaga kaya”
“Salamat po God bless you po”
“Wow, totoo ba yan?”
“Opo maka-Dyos ako”

I see. Your  tattoo shows.
Window shopping will make you buy and meet religious sellers.

Level 4:

Hungry People.
Walk. Slowly. Fast. Slowly….slowly…slowly….hungry! At the middle of the fight you need energy that will sustain yourself for the battle. Oh! Lost at the sea of people. There you go. Drink sellers are everywhere. Ready to fight again.

“Magkano to te?”

Level 5:

Where is the Comfort Room? Malls are everywhere. But you have to find your way through it. You have to swim in the deep ocean of people. Just don’t make yourself get drowned. Just go with the flow. And you will float. Control yourself because CR is always full just like your gall bladder. Don’t let yourself explode.

After the shopping, you may ask yourself. Have you saved a lot of money? Have you bought all the stuff you need? Can you make your love ones happy with your gifts?

At the end of the day, they will ask. How is Divisoria?
Here’s your gift.
Galing Divisoria?

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  1. Noong nasa manila pa ako pumupunta sa divisoria kasi mura kaso minsan mahirap maghanap ng size:)masikip, magulo pero sa akin ok lang kasi hanggang sa mura na bibilihin ang kaya ko:):)

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