SHINE ON! [A Book Without an Ending]

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No matter how old or busy we are day in and day out, there’s a little corner in our mind which has our dreams tucked in. And despite my more than five decades of living, something still stirs within that corner which holds my dreams together.

Well, it is my dream to write a second book; after my first – LIFEBUS – which tackled family life, friendship, values and dreams.

That second book should be something more awesome; something which tells of wonderful people who help make the world a brighter one with their presence and their concern for people who are less fortunate.

It is a book which I hope will also cover the little disadvantaged children who were blessed by kind hearts, keep track of them as they grow up; hopefully, towards a better future.

In this book I hope to document the lives of the little ones — until they have grown their own wings.

After which I also hope to live to tell if they have learned the principle of “passing it on” – the kindness they received in the past may be passed on to the next little disadvantaged ones.

One does not have to be rich to share — and all of my friends who are with me in this story of kindness will attest to that. A little time, a little sacrifice, a little cut from one’s budget, some spare clothes, shoes, anything that can be used — all contribute to helping some determined kids to look at their future with brighter eyes.

SHINE ON! This goes for each of my friends who literally serve as sunshine to children who seem to be always in the dark.

SHINE ON! This is my push to every kid who strives to fight the poverty that surrounds them.

SHINE ON! This is our prayer for our little groups who contribute to bring much cheer whenever we can, wherever we are.

SHINE ON! This is what the Lord hopes each one of us will live by.

Hence, to all my friends and kin who share in the “planting” of hope, love and inspiration among the poor lost souls, may I request to have your little stories to wonderfully fill up some pages of this very special “book that has no ending.”

Again and again, my warm hugs to everyone who are my brothers and sisters in Christ!

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