Sea Turtle At a Loss

Sea turtle Photo by gjhamley

More than year has past, a year away from my realest me. I still dream until now the things I used to do or the people I used to be with.

I know life is a constant change. What makes you happy today have a great chance that it will change in just a snap.

If you’re living like a like star, and feels like the world is on your side, feel the moment. Enjoy every bit of it, cause trust me, it will save your sanity if you came in your life that you hate every moment of it.

I always love the crazy things, spontaneous, and exciting. This may sound weird but I love it when I feel afraid and much in awe. Times when I don’t know what to do.

I miss the smell of Lysol. I miss seeing blood. I miss the excitement and heart stopping cases. i miss seeing babies taking their first breath. I miss being heart broken when someone take its last breath. Tragedy happens to my family but it doesn’t stop the burning desire for my passion to help and serve others.

I love the rounds and I love giving meds. I love it when they reach out for your hand to say their sincerest Thank You. Nothing beats the smile of the children when they see you and likes you as their caregiver. Nothing beats a funny, chaotic struggle when they look at you as a monster ready to pound them. LOL.

Now, I’m somewhere in between. In a limbo. I’m like a child who don’t know what to do. I wake up every morning dreading the day. I move too slow to the sea. It’s like I was there but not really there. You starting to question yourself if it’s really worth the risk.

Photo by gjhamley

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