SCAM ALERT! Fake Canadian University “Hiring” Pinoy Teachers!

This article is created to warn people about a scam going on targeting people in The Philippines and possibly other countries by people pretending to be part of a university that does not exist.
They will put up fake recruitment ads in various job boards under the name DOYESMONT UNIVERSITY (Other names possible) supposedly to hire teachers or professors. The domain name is at (Copy and paste to your browser to  avoid trackbacks) (Link may not endure). Screen shot below:They created an entire website under that name containing material that was ripped off of a legitimate university’s website which is the Medicine Hat College at https://www.mhc.ab.caThe first red flag that this is a scam is that my former teacher in High School posted a message on Facebook that she “jokingly” applied for the University’s faculty by copying and pasting a Bible verse as what it seems was her application essay. For some reason, the “University” recruitment staff was “impressed” by that  and decided to “hire” her.

In my experience, it is highly unlikely that a North American university will fall for something like that as the professors are very thorough about screening submissions from students and most especially job applicants. They do not treat hiring faculty as a joking matter. With that in mind, I decided to start digging.

Screen cap below of the celebratory message and description of how she was “hired”.



That immediately turned on my very sensitive BS Detector (having been in Real Estate and Property Management since 2001, I am naturally investigative and can smell a rat from miles away). So I went to the website of “Doyesmont University” and went to the contact page  (Copy and paste to your browser to avoid trackbacks) (Link may not endure) and I saw this picture of one of the “Campus Buildings”:



The words Doyesmont University seemed photoshopped to me. Notice that the building is curved inward but the letters are in a perfectly straight line. There is a little pixelization around them, too. The letters should follow the contour of the building as there are no visible mounts above the glass panels. Weird eh? So I did a Google Reverse Image Search and found that that building is of another school! An actual school called Medicine Hat College. Click here for the SEARCH RESULTS

So from this point, I am pretty sure it is a SCAM! So I went back to the contact page of this so-called Doyesmont University and found their so-called “Fax Number” and “Address”

(Note that it is weird that a university does not have a telephone number listed in their site).



So I googled the phone number 587-315-3068 and VOILA! I found the following search results:

See screen capture below for some comments about a so-called Rodson Perkins:



So the number is definitely one used to scam people with fake recruitment schemes designed to extract money from unwitting victims.

I also searched their “address” on Google Earth which is listed as:
Doyesmont University, 141 Ambrose Road, SW Calgary,T3H 0L5, AB Canada.
I searched other real estate websites and there is no such address of course.

I then informed my former teacher and she said:
 They were asking for $200 for vaccination fees and “Diplomatic Tags”.

They also said she needed to get a UK Visa since the plane “stops over” in London. I then said flights from The Philippines to Canada do not stop over there as they just cross the Pacific to get to Canada. Even if they did, there is no need to get a visa as you will just be at the airport.

During the interview, too, she stated that the interviewer told her “You are pretty, you will be a hotcake here in Canada”. That is another red flag as there are strict sexual harrassment laws in North America that statements like that from no less than an academic is next to impossible to occur and if it does, it could mean trouble for the person who said it.

This was apparently the ad that my former teacher responded to.
Tax free salary? In Canada. Really?

There were so many red flags I do not even know where to begin.

It is just sad that our kababayans are being targeted due to the almost desperate situation the country is in right now. Only by CORRECTING the constitution can we prevent these from happening.

There are other similar instances — a nanny in UK, or in any other country in the world.


  1. Ano ba yan. If it is too good to be true then investigate. Wag kayong tatanga tanga. Kawawa din kasi mga teacher sa Pilipinas eh. Para lang kumita magtitinda pa ng chorizo, bukayo at Avon. Tapos nasa-scam pa. Tsk tsk tsk

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