Rumor: Vote buying exist

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Photo courtesy of Rappler


In ARMM rumors spread every election that there is vote buying. Two weeks prior to the day of election the consumers will increase and the community markets will undergo price hike. It is questionable; with the reason that generally the market declared price hike. However it is not.

The 50 pesos products will be 100 pesos. The consumers will have no choice but to buy because all of the markets wherever you are in ARMM has unanimously taking price hike. Other than that Moros are rich, price it they buy it- that’s the label of Bisaya and Tagalog people.

It makes us wonder at what level is the economic growth of ARMM two weeks prior and during the election?

Also Moros around the Philippines will come home to their home land, Lanao del Sur. The reason might be they want to support their family who are running in election or might be because there are hidden benefits. Are they just going to support their family who are running for election and stop their business in the suburb of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao?

In transparency, rumors also spread all over the country that there is vote buying-in different ways and techniques. What differs it from the ARMM is: if vote buying in Agusan del Sur with the maximum of 2000 pesos – this is incomparable to minimum of 5000 in ARMM, rumors said.

Now lets clarify the rumors, I live in Moro land where rumors from the Luzon and Visayas to us is not quite neutral more on racist. And ladies and gentlemen, it is true vote buying exist in our land by experience and observation. By experience, this last 9th of may 2016 election my pockets were full of brand new currency. Clearly I did not sell my votes because I was going to vote them anyway. Condemn us but don’t ever think that you are not doing the same, people of Luzon and Visayas.

In my personal opinion: the practice of vote buying has been repeated several elections in our land and repetition will become common practice until it become culture. Vote buying is not culture for us because we don’t even name it as vote buying. It is charity from the people who want to be a leader and advance celebration to his people. I’m not saying that our practice is good nor bad, but If you label it as vote buying then let your words be your words and let our words be our words because for us vote buying is different from charity.

Stop. We can stop this practice but it will take too long. I will confidently say it can stop but it is “suntok sa buwan”. How can you stop a culture?

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