If I were a girl, a bouquet of flowers would never be in my Valentine wishlist.

I mean, seriously, what would I do with that? Put the flowers in a water-filled bottle of Coke, look at it ’til kingdom come, and say “Ooh. How sweet”?

This morning, I boarded a jeep and sat across a lady holding a massive bouquet of flowers, so big you’d mistake her for a walking rose plant. I believe she was blushing, no matter how she tried to be nonchalant about it, all the while wondering how girls can still go “kilig” at the old stuff of guys who don’t seem to have a unique romantic idea.

It wasn’t long before she noticed I was looking at her and, still looking detached from her flowers, waved at me a la Miss World.

Coyly and demurely, she smiled, probably because she thought I thought she’s as pretty as her roses. And I smiled because I thought she looked like a vase.


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I do things like roll around the house singing in front of a moving electric fan, play with the hair curler and flush the toilet bowl over and over. The cutest thing about toilet bowls is that they burp.