Roots and Wings

We were born without luxury.

Our Father was an ordinary plumber and our mother was an ordinary housewife who sometimes cooked some foods and tried to sell it  to help for our living.

We were poor, but our parents worked so hard so that we could go to a private school. For them, education is very important, because nobody can take away the knowledge that we have; it is in our minds.

We were also raised with love of God; that loving your neighbors is an act of love and that humility is better than being arrogant.

Now, we’re all adults, having our own families.

We’re very thankful that we have very stable roots.

In every Family, there are always misunderstandings, but there is love and humility in our blood, there is always space for forgiveness.

We already have our wings that we can do almost everything through our strong roots. And these two, Roots and Wings, we are giving forward to our children.

We are now almost on the last stage of our life , our children have their own wings to fly.

What a wonderful feeling that we know that through our parents, we were able to raise wonderful children and it will go further to our grandchildren and more.

Thank you , Nanay at Tatay, our Roots.

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