Rodrigo Duterte: The Philippines’ Last Best Chance for Change!

kamay-na-bakal-flyer-665x500The “rule of law” is the legal principle that law should govern a country. When the country fails to establish justice, security and the rule of law, peace and stability are the first to suffer.

There are laws in our country, but our government stops obeying the law. As a result, it sends a message to the people that they too can stop obeying the law. Most people, the vast majority of people loses confidence in the government, people stop listening and stop obeying the government.

We’re starting to see shocking examples of this all over the country. Our country is quickly becoming lawless place. Corruption is eating up our country, and the result is the high rate of crime, high rate of inequality, high rate of unemployment and high rate of poverty.

Crime is a prominent issue in our country. Our country is exposed to higher rates of murders, assaults, robberies, rapes (infant, child, adult and elderly) and other crimes compared to our neighboring countries. Our maximum prison is also a scandal.

However, there’s no use in denying that illegal drugs are everywhere in the Philippines. Our country is in high rates of drug addiction, and so children and adolescent are at high risk.

Therefore, it does have a critical influence on children and youth’s behavior. Organize crime and drugs are the biggest threats to development and security of the country.

However, without the law to protect the people, we are only a step away from “anarchy” even without a total collapse of the government. If you describe a situation as “anarchy”, it means that nobody seems to be paying any attention to “rules” or “laws”.

In God’s name, let’s begin to save this country for our children and of future generations. The citizens of this country must all arise to save our country from becoming a failed nation. We must also stop the ruling elite from disregarding the law.

The problems we’re facing right now have been more than a decade in the making. We need a government who will stand up for the hopes, values and interests of the people, and gives them a chance to make the most of their ability.

Rodrigo Duterte is our ‘Last Best Chance’ for Change to get things right. He’s the most qualified candidate for president. For better or worse, he’s really the last good chance to save our country. He’s truly the person who can stand up for what he believe in and not afraid to die for the protection of his country and people who live in it.

He’s really the right guy at the right time that has the capacity to lead our country and get our countrymen out of hardships we’ve been experiencing for so long. I’d say Rodrigo Duterte is a man of honor, principles, vision, courage and ability to put them into action.

I believe his word that Peace and Order in the country will be restored, and measures will be taken in solving this difficult problem. He will eliminate and crushed corruption, because corruption undermines good governance.

More important, however, Rodrigo Duterte has the character or quality of incorruptible: incapability of corruption.  This will play a big part for shaping our country into one of the least corrupt countries in the world.

Everyone knows that our political system needs to be reformed. Our political system needs to be cleaned up. To fix the system, we have to make changes to the system that will tackle the country’s widespread corruption, crony capitalism and inefficient government.

So, Rodrigo Duterte is really the person who can lead this country. He’s the only one that can bring major change to the country.  He can bring back peace and order to our beloved country. If we join together, we can make these things happen. If Filipinos can unite, he can win easily.

I believe that most of the Filipinos agree to a change of government. There are many Filipino people who are getting sick and tired of corruption, and with all the activities that are happening in the country, I think the people are ready for a change of government.

Finally, the Filipino people are increasingly waking up to the fact that nothing ever seems to change, no matter which political party is in power, past and current. People are voicing their dissatisfaction and want real action.  People are rising up. They’re sick and tired of the awful situation in the country.

In addition, many Filipinos are really starting to recognize how bad our system has become, and the numbers show that they are quite fed up with it. Everyone is talking about the fact that this happening, we must all get involved or bad things will keep on happening.

We must resist criminals, inexperienced, uneducated and corrupt people from holding elective positions if we want our country to move forward.

This Philippines election matters. This is a historic election for mainly one reason, “we want change”. We want to give Rodrigo Duterte the chance to prove that this country can be great again.

Let’s think for ourselves, for our children and for our children’s children about how we want this country to be.

Rodrigo Duterte is the best man to lead the country and we need him now more than ever. He’s just what we need, an experienced leader. We need leader like him. We must unite together in order to forward together, and together with your help, we must start to a better tomorrow.

We now have a man that can unite this country, especially now that we have the man who has a vision. Therefore, since we have such a hope, we have the opportunity to change this country, but he needs our help, and together we can make a change and put this country back in track.

If we want a lasting change, society has to change. There’s only one way to get the change we need, and that is to vote for Rodrigo Duterte.


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