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My dearest, we are at a crossroad, and it feels like the sky is about to turn gray. Like the road ahead leads to a cliff, and we’re bound to fall.

It seems so hazy. And each step feels like it’s taking us to opposite directions. But I’m done with being too afraid. When I feel fear creep in, I try to remember the good things we’ve had. And then, I tell myself, this too shall pass.

This part of our journey together ends, but I keep praying it’s not the end of us. Not entirely. Not if we choose to cast away all bitterness and hate.

If only we choose to look at what had been good. And Love. Never to forget we loved. Or love still.

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And I hope, one day, we would look into each other’s eyes, where tears no longer well up because of sadness.

And hopefully, I shall stand by you on your wedding day. I shall hold your hand until it’s time for her to hold it. I shall kiss you, for the last time, to say goodbye to what could have been our chance.

I won’t be sad. I would be grateful and content, because I know then that you have found lasting happiness, and the missing piece of your heart.

I shall look at you, with the same love and fondness and warmth. And then I would say my thanks to Heaven. For that one chance to be with you. For letting me witness you grow (and somehow be a part of it). And for mostly allowing me to feel loved like you did.

I’ve always said, it’s not how long we’ve been together. It’s what we’ve found and kept and cherished from our journeys.

I’m glad to have spent a part of mine with you.


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