Rising Stars: Six Pinoy App Developers Making A Dent in the Mobile Sphere



With thousands of applications already available on the mobile market, it is high time that we Filipinos start raving about all the little app development companies that have started sprouting all over the country like mushrooms. And like the fungi, these companies are just as resilient and proud to be producing apps that are 100% Filipino.

Jeprok Applications, LLC

“Be Cool … Be Smart … So Jeprok!” With a motto that just oozes of 80s Manila nostalgia and laid-back coolness, Jeprok Applications, LLC, is an app development company that is clearly all about the Philippines. The startup has already slowly churned out two free applications for Filipinos around the world.

Countrok, Jeprok’s first ever educational application, teaches Filipinos around the world how to count in the country’s national language, Tagalog. A play button teaches the correct pronunciation of the words in Tagalog and English. It’s like the aspiring multilingual’s best friend!

VeggieRok, meanwhile, was made to help Filipinos around the world learn the names of the common vegetables in a language none other than–you guessed it– Tagalog. The second educational app from Jeprok nurtures a child’s love for the Philippines’ national language and commonly available vegetables!


AppLabs Digital Studios Inc.

A slightly younger company from the bunch, AppLabs Digital Studios has already released several free educational applications for children around the world. Their flagship app, Maddie & Matt’s A to Z’s of Good Manners & Values aims to influence children to take the right path when dealing with the elderly and their peers. The Tagalog version of this application includes Filipino values like pagmamahal and respeto, so the Filipino children all over the Philippines can have an enjoyable learning experience.

Happy Earth

The newer educational application, Maddie & Matt’s Happy Earth, encourages kids to do their part in helping Mother Earth. The app is apt in this generation of global warming.


Komikasi started with the release of Talecraft, a card game that lets you weave your own stories. Over the years, the company was able to produce exciting casual games such as Tick Wars for the iPad and Starstruck for Android and iPhone.

Starstruck is an app that lets you play the role of the villain of the famous Pinoy movies-turned-pop-culture icons. You get to slap the comical version of Nora Aunor!


Also a bit new to the mobile software arena, icannhas is a remarkable software design and development company based in Manila, Philippines. The company has successfully released addicting games such as Kicking Kiko, an app about the Filipino game “sipa” and Grillin’ Pablo, an app about the delicious Filipino food “isaw”.


Also a proudly Filipino app development company on our radar, tecsoftapps  offers digital versions of educational applications such as Anatomy-Muscle OINA, Social Studies Q&A, and Science Q&A. Although the apps cost a bit to download, they can prove very useful in school. The developer of these apps has also been involved with award-winning apps such as MRTtrackr and Where’s My Doctor.

Kuyi Mobile

An independent game development company in the Philippines, Kuyi Mobile regularly releases fun and interesting games with very modern graphics. Its most recent app, Streetfood Tycoon, has already caught the attention of plenty of people around the world. Even their flagship game, Card Drop, has already garnered awards the first year it was released!

Card Drop is marketed as the Solitaire game on steroids, but it’s a simple stacking game that gets you hooked for hours. The best part about this addicting game? It’s free!

Streetfood Tycoon

Streetfood Tycoon, meanwhile, is a more complicated game that’s also free on iTunes. Inspired by the common food cart businesses here in the Philippines, the game promises countless hours of entertainment while remaining patriotic. Hot tip: Look for all the things that clue you in that the game is set in Manila, Philippines.

Final Words

So there you have it. Six noble app development companies that are proudly Filipino and worthy to be chronicled online. While only some of their applications are available on iTunes for free, others cost less than $3 and still worth a download.

You yourself can still join the app revolution! Start learning code and developing apps for your fellow Filipinos!

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