Rematch of Pacquiao-Mayweather a must


This entire ruckus on the aftermath of the “Fight of the Century between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquiao is geared towards a rematch. Pacquiao and Mayweather’s camp started to build up the hype again. The mega fight between the two took almost six years before they finally met in the ring. The result disappointed many, but the hype builds up paid off handsomely.

The great come on for the rematch is the staggering revenues generated by the mega fight. It can reach up to more than $400 million dollars taken all together the gate receipts, pay per views, rights, etc. Since the magnitude of this mega bucks is unprecedented in boxing history, people on Mayweather and Pacquiao’s camp salivate for a rematch. The questions, though, are; Can the hype is as effective as the first one? Can the rematch surpass or equal, at least, the revenues generated by the first one, knowing, it is branded now as “the fraud of the century” rather than “the fight of the century”?

The hype for the rematch had actually started right off after the fight. For many people, the outcome of the fight was unsatisfactory. The two-master of the ring lasted the 12 rounds without a knockout, no disfigured faces, or bloody skirmishes. That, in itself, the people thought the fight was staged like a wrestling match. Mayweather made use of the ring as a track oval for running, if not hugging tight on Pacquiao. Pacquiao, on the other hand, didn’t show style of different varieties, which many people love and expected of him.

During the press conference after the fight, Pacquiao announced his shoulder injury four weeks before the fight and wanted a rematch. Mayweather agreed. But later on, declined, and said to Pacquiao “he is a sore loser and a coward”. Meanwhile, a class action suit was filed against Paquiao for not letting the public know about his injury. And Mayweather declared, he knew of Pacquiao’s injury beforehand.

These are built up hype. Both camps with the media’s help piled up controversies after controversies to create scenarios that would rekindle people’s interest. And people might bite the rematch, as history proved it.

Let’s see. People know ever since that Mayweather is a boring defensive fighter, and yet people keep on watching him. And mind you, every fight he did, he made a hefty sum of money. Now, why would the people get mad when he did his signature style against Pacquiao. They know very well what they would get. That’s the enigma of Mayweather’s personality aside from being flamboyant, brash, and arrogant. It could be that people watch him repeatedly, because people want him dead on the spot with his boring fighting style, and shut his mouth, finally from defeat.

Potentially, among the current fighter, only Pacquiao poses challenge to Mayweather’s supremacy and fighting style that could shatter his impeccable record.

The two fighters represent an antithesis of personality. Pacquiao is the protagonist. Mayweather is the antagonist. Hero vs. villain. Evil vs. good. While Mayweather is boring, Pacquiao is charismatic with his fighting style. Legions of Pacquiao’s fans throughout the world watch him because they are well entertained and get their money’s worth.

Both fighters contrasting personalities and fighting styles would rekindle and heighten the people’s interest for a rematch. If both fighters live up to the hype, both fighters would leave a true legacy of their boxing career. The question is, if both fighters replicate the seemingly staged fight of the May 2, 2015 battle, the world of boxing would not be as great anymore.

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  1. Rematch?? Lol, Why is it a must when he clear lost? Healthy or not, Pacquiao is gonna lose. Its just the way it is. Styles makes fights. Mayweathers style is supposed to be boring to casual fans, but hardcore/purists fans really dig that. Boxing is about offense and defense, hit and don’t get hit.

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