Reflecting on my last year’s Christmas Wishlist

1. Jansport Backpack (this is so last year pa… I already graduated from college, finished my duty and all, but until now still don’t have one!)
2. Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince DVD (original, it’s the one missing from my collection)
3. The Winner Stands Alone by Paolo Coelho (since I am a fan of this one of a kind author)
4. Elixir by Hilary Duff (I just love her so much, she’s so multifaceted, from acting-singing?-designing-making her own label-perfumes-up to being an author, what more could you ask for with this gal)
5. Roxy boots (just in case…)
6. Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed” CD (though she ditched being Hannah Montana, her songs still are pretty cool)
7. BP app. (via request of my parents, they thought that every nurse must have it)
8. Unlimited access to DQ Mudpies and Pancake House Mango Crepes! (love-love-love)
9. Movie Ticket to London (if only I’ve won that lottery… )
10. Movie ticket for Tron Legacy 3D
11. Spa… (I want to be relaxed appropriately and be revived…’coz I think I “over-relaxed” @ home to the extent I can’t function properly )
12. Make time to attend mass at Baclaran, Quiapo, and St. Jude (I had wonderful achievements this year, I must forever be THANKFUL )
13. To have more WISDOM to make right decisions in life (coz I think I am making wrong turns, and wrong turns= DEADLY…)
14. To have a CLEAR and ORGANIZED direction into which path I should take. (I feel that I am lost…)
15. To be MATURE and INDEPENDENT (they say I act like 12! I wanna prove them WRONG)
16. To have a WIDER UNDERSTANDING of people, things, whatever circumstances therein.
17. To be POSITIVE in mind, self, spirit and emotions, that in every downfall, there’s the victory waiting for us at the end, just don’t quit ‘coz we got deceived by our detractors, quitters never win.
18. To DO and COMPLETE the tasks in “MY CHECKLIST”
19. To be a BETTER FRIEND to my friends.
20. To be a BETTER STUDENT to my teachers.
21. To be a BETTER colleague to my co-workers.
22. To be a BETTER nurse to my patients.
23. To be a BETTER DAUGHTER to my parents.
24. To be a BETTER FOLLOWER of God.
25. To always be HUMBLE and RESPECTFUL.
26. To be an ACHIEVER of DREAMS.
27. To have COURAGE and CONFIDENCE in facing the odds and opportunities.
28. TO BE HAPPYr. (“happier”)

After writing this down, and I was scanning again the gifts I wish to have this Christmas, I discovered that, what I want and need the most to make my life, wonderful, fulfilling and meaningful are not actually material things… but those gifts which cannot be bought anywhere, I can’t buy Wisdom for P10000, I can’t even buy Understanding like of the price of my watch. And if ever I will choose from, either the Jansport bag or humility, of course I am going to choose the latter. Because it will make me a better person, it will make me happy with life, not only for a year but through my lifetime. Jansport bags don’t last even if it’s expensive and well made, it will worn out, we can be tired of using it and we’ll desire to have a new one. While humility, this is irreplaceable, this doesn’t worn out, people with humility, have thoughts that are clean and positive, they don’t envy, because they accept their own capacities, they accept that each of us is unique. They are rich with love. I don’t think that others will genuinely love you because you have an expensive item in your storage, it is too shallow for them to do that.
I will not lie, I’ll still love to have those bags, shoes, CDs, books, movie tickets etc., who wouldn’t want those? It can be a fantastic tool for leisure. Yet, there are more important things to have in life, and these are the ones that can be asked and prayed to God.


About HolidayHours

An aspiring yet frustrated writer... she writes for pleasure and leisure alone, never had the guts to show her creations, not until now. Struggling with unfinished stories, broken novels, blocked ideas, and so forth. Though, she has this big dream of marking even a little change in somebody's life through her creations, make them smile when they read the works of her imagination, and most of all somehow, someday, she can author a masterpiece that can be shown to the world, be one of those people who are titled ' a writer, an author, a novelist etc.', then that would be a fulfilled fantasy for her. (smiles) Dreaming is free for all anyway.