(Photo Credit: spencercris.wordpress.com)
(Photo Credit:  spencercris.wordpress.com)
(Photo Credit: spencercris.wordpress.com)

I thought of seeing you today…for the sight of your magnificence draws me into a wonderland of splendor alien to the banality of existence. The heavens long for the sun in an endless outburst of sorrow…. Rain begins to fall…..

I am reminded by your smile…the innocence of your laughter which sometimes reminds me that I am never too old for fun….,your eyes, the sorrow they hide…, and the child that begs for attention….; your touch, the warmth of skin on skin, the comforting assurance that you will always be there….. Still, rain begins to fall…..

Obscurity clouds my eyes in an endless longing for your face…, your touch…, your love; and now that my longing is quenched, why am I afraid? I am thrown into an abyss of loneliness, forged by ages of grief, despair and pain…..Rain continues to fall…….

Where is that smile? Where are those eyes? Where is that touch?Where’s love?

Let your radiance shine and remove the clouds of disbelief! Let your eyes look upon me with pity, that I may love you like a child! Let your touch heal my cold body and thaw my frozen spirit! Let your love be known, that I may find the answers to my questions! But no….rain falls to blind my vision and obscure reason…….

The rain has finally washed all possibilities for us to be together… I will never see those eyes, feel your touch, see your smile, feel your love…..

Still….rain continues to pour……

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