Quarreling Boyfriend /Girlfriend: How Much Argument from a loved one can you take in one day?

Photo credit to pinkroma.it
Photo credit to pinkroma.it
Photo credit to pinkroma.it

Every argument takes a lot of energy to sustain, and oftentimes you are not prepared for it. No one likes argument for the sake of just arguing, but because argument is the only means to insist on something that you think is right, and justifiable for you–you just go for it.

So if you place that accelerator on a high speed because you want to get your point through, it only means that there is something that is bothering you — and you want it straighten out right away.

My point is; how much argument can you do, or and take in one day?

I understand when people do not want to sleep on issues because they think it is important for them to clear things out, the minute they found out something that confuses them especially when it involves suspicions.

I believe perfect timing and a little consideration can be a good start to resolve issues such as this.

If the relationship has been embattled with arguments after another, for the last weeks, I think that both should focus more on finding where the relationship can anchor itself.

If the argument is just a rehash of your previous argument, then you are just indulging yourself to constant nagging.
Have faith in your loved one, and believe in the love that he/she offers you.

Too much argument drains both energies that should be otherwise pointed towards enjoying each other’s company.

You cannot be with someone you do not trust 100%, that is a truth that no one can deny. Moreover, as everybody would say, you do not demand trust — you earn it.

How would you evaluate then if someone deserves your 100% trust?

If there are major infractions that led to a full-blown committal of infidelity,such as when the person set out to carry out a relationship with someone, then you have all the reason, not to trust the person anymore and argue all you want.

Nevertheless, avoid nit picking and looking at small things that your loved one is doing that tends to annoy you. No person who loves someone would intentionally annoy or upset his loved one.That is just ridiculous and a sign of insecurity.

Bask in the reality instead, that you are immensely loved, that is why you are in a relationship with the person.

You have to see the overall picture, and the dynamics of the relationship. Be true to yourself and know what you want from the relationship.

However, if your suspicions are unfounded, it is best to set aside an argument. It will just hurt both of you.

Try to limit arguments to a manageable once a year occurrence.

Arguments are not fun. It gives you headache; it makes you tired all day, and makes you feel uninspired.

Relationships are meant to bring joy and accelerate you heart rate, to a level of excitement that puts a smile on your heart that no one sees but each other.

You must remember that you are in a relationship — because you cannot live without the other. This alone should make you rethink the way you handle each other’s emotional state.

Love and affection should always be the agenda of the day.

Forget arguments.

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