Put the Little Girl to Sleep!

ARROYO: Hates chopper rides
On the day of her transfer last December 9, 2011, CGMA’s spokesperson Elena Bautista-Horn lamented to the media about the administration’s “delaying tactics” in transporting the former thief (sorry!) president to the VMMC today. They said that the administration must implement the transfer order now by land instead of an air transfer as originally planned. “Weather” and “chopper” are apparently Mrs. Horn’s other words for “delaying tactics.”

DILG Secretary Jesse Robredo and the Philippine National Police has clarified that there were no intended delays to the transfer of Mrs. Arroyo to VMMC. The agency has decided to forestall the chopper transfer until better weather arrives, and has decline the Arroyo camp’s insistence on a land transfer. Meanwhile, Mrs. Horn insisted that it will be safer for Mrs. Arroyo to be transferred by land. “Kung ang problema lang naman nila ay yung mga rallyista bakit hindi nila hawiin. Hinihintay lang nilang dumami ang mga Anti-Gloria protesters sa harap ng ospital! Payagan na lang sana nila kami, kahit magtaxi na lang kami papunta dun,” the spokesperson said, to which a reported asked, “Hindi po kaya barilin naman ang dating pangulo kung by land ang pagbiyahe sa kanya gaya nga nung sinasabi niyong planong patayin siya sa Operation Put The Little Girl To Sleep?” Mrs. Horn replied, “Ah, hindi baril ang gagamitin sa Operation Put The Little Girl To Sleep.” I wonder why Mrs. Horn knows so much about this plan. Could it be? I smell something fishy.

CGMA insisted on being transferred by land to the VMMC instead of air. Atty. Ferdinand “Itlog” Topacio, in an interview with GMA News, said that the former president has had trauma after her previous experiences with chopper crashes. Meanwhile, in footage release by GMA News, three PNP choppers were spotted circling St. Luke’s Medical Center in Taguig which is part of the transfer convoy. These are apparently, the “brand new” Robinson choppers sold by her husband Mike Arroyo to PNP officials. No wonder the president is traumatized!

Atty. Ferdinand “Itlog” Topacio said that the former president is already stressed because of her waiting ordeal. She has been sitting all morning in a wheelchair, has already had two breakfasts and is also experiencing stomach pains. If I had two breakfasts in one morning, while seated all throughout in a wheelchair, I will have stomach pains too. Pwede namang tumayo, humiga di ba? O tumuwad kung gusto niya!

Atty. Ferdinand “Itlog” Topacio, when asked if former First Gentleman Mike Arroyo is also irritated by the delay of transfer, stated: “Kung ako nga na di asawa eh naiirita na eh!” ALIN po ang naiirita?

These are just some of the statements we’ve heard in today’s fiasco about CGMA’s tranfer to VMMC. The usual boisterous and preposterous ranting and whining of the Arroyo camp’s spokespersons has been irritating us since the former president’s “ordeal” started. It irritates us for the fact that their statements do not corroborate with what they have acted upon before. Why insist on being detained at the VMMC at such unfortunate moment when they were the ones insisting in the first place that CGMA is in grave danger? St. Luke’s is a well-guarded, well-equipped hospital — what else could go wrong in there? Can’t she just wait to be transported after the weather clears up? Didn’t the court order explicitly said that she has to be transferred safely and properly and yet she wants to brave the downpour and flood, and wrath of the angry masses! The people has had enough! We just hope that the former president could have chosen her mouthpieces well, because the way they are speaking to the media, the more CGMA sounds a ridiculous, desperate, spoiled brat. Its making us want more for her to be put to sleep instead, just to end this ruckus.

But more than anything else, this entire act by the Arroyo camp is ridiculous and desperate. Their so-called “demagoguery” by the administration is nothing but a ghost created by their own scheming party in order to portray her as being persecuted and prejudged. This is no demagogue. This is a poorly scripted act to win the hearts and minds of the unaware, uneducated, emotional and ill-advised masses like the handful of Kampampangans we saw in VMMC today.

This is a teleserye, entitled, “Put The Little Girl To Sleep”. TSS


  1. Trust me, the Arroyo camp will have to do better than that…Kung ako nga at the start, d ako naaawa sa kanila…Naawa ba sila sa mga Pilipino noong panunungkulan nya…How can you explain that from 90B naging 160B ang SALN within just a year…Sobrang garapal, Kapampangan ang mga nuno ko sa ina, pero ikinahihiya ko ang mga magnanakaw tulad ng pamilya nila (San ba napunta ung buwis na binabayaran ko sa loob ng 7 taon na nagta-trabaho ako?)…

  2. Para mapatunayan ng GMA camp yung sinasabi nilang operation Put the Little Girl to Sleep e sila na lang kaya ang mag-implement tapos ibintang na lang sa camp Pnoy. Makes sense diba?

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