POVERTY: A Hindrance or an Armor?


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POVERTY – A common situation that embodies every ordinary people that were living in the Philippine archipelago. Inspite of that, some individuals did there best to surpass poverty and reach those impossible dreams that a pesimistic man never thought that it’s possible.

Who among you thought that since you were born poor, you will not be able to succeed in life? For sure, many of you thought like this. Well, count me out, ‘coz during my childhood days way back when I was in grade 5, my teacher and class adviser instilled in our minds that being born without a gold spoon in your mouth is not a reason that you will not become successful in the coming future.

Our teacher, as far as I could clearly remember is a kind woman. She has a big heart for the needy. She is not just treating us as her students, but also she treats us like her children as well. Ma’am Dhempna Basinang (may she rest in piece) or Ma’am Basinang as we call her is one of those teachers that I had during my elementary years. From that time that she imparted to us on how she struggled and strived hard to earn a college diploma despite of the fact that they were really poor. Her story gave me hope and inspired me to do the same, and make her as a living reminder that poverty can’t stop me nor hinder me in aiming higher. I don’t want to remain captive of that difficult situation that every single human being wishes to escape.

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“Poverty is not a hindrance to success”

“Success comes in cans, not in cannots”

These two sayings were stunningly posted in front of Ma’am Basinangs’ classroom, located at the top of the blackboard. A constant reminder that: If others can, why can’t we? Everytime we failed to pass the short quizzes and periodical exams, Ma’am Basinang patiently reads those sayings and echoed kind words that will boost ourselves to study hard to earn high grades. And she’s always telling us that “Education is a key to success, It is the only treasure that no one can take away from you.”

As I go along in life’s adversities, I’ve learned to use poverty as an armor that can help me conquer all the trials and obstacles that I’ve encountered in climbing the ladder of success. The decision lies in our hands on how we deal with poverty itself. Either we see it as a hindrance or we chose to use it as an armor. A powerful tool that can help you make those impossible dreams and goals do come true, or a barrier that will not make you go far enough and make you stucked in that situation forever.

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I may not be auspicious now, but I still considered that I triumped in using poverty as my armor. I use it as a stepping stone and an inspiration to finish my studies and earn a degree, not just for myself, but also for my family as well. Most specially for my loving mother who believed in me from the beginning and never failed to encourage me whenever I was down and lost my hope that I can do it. Above all, God is behind all of this, for without Him we are nothing.


So, It’s time for you to decide now on how you perceive poverty. Come to your senses that not all successful people in the society were born rich. Some of them were also poor like you. They just take a risk and put their best foot forward to reach the peak of success.

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