Pinoys of Pinas: Story of Kuya Wilbert, “Ang Magpipinya”

pinya wilbert“Why so pinya-adik?”

Yes, certified pineapple lover – that’s me. My kids are amaze as to why I am so addicted to ‘pinya’ and why my tongue never seem to get itchy. Well, some people don’t like pineapple after experiencing itchy tongues. Am just glad I have no such experience.

And of course, I know where to buy my favorite fruit.  

From Kuya Wilbert and Ate Rosenel whose pedicab-store is located in Evacom, near Mercury Drug and 7-11.

Kuya Wilbert is a jolly 48-year-old ‘pinya’ vendor and he sells their fresh pineapple daily – come rain or shine. His wife is Rosenel – an equally jolly and smiley person – with whom I get to share some ‘chikahan’ moments.

They have two daughters – Wilrose and Wilenrose – who are 15 years apart in age. Wow! Such family planning. Two – that’s it! [And basing from their children’s names, wow, mukhang #mayforever talaga kina Kuya at Ate!]

The couple alternately look after their small business, but there are days when they have to man their pedicab-store together because of ‘hapitan’ days when they’re able to sell 100-150 pcs of pineapple in a day.


They personally peel their pineapples using special cutting tools, and they peel real fast.

They sell by wholes and by slices —  for those who want some quick bites or whose budget is limited. Yes, you can buy 1/4 of their pineapple for only ten pesos!

Why did they choose pineapple to sell?

Well, for one, they don’t rot easily. They’re nutritious, healthy food, so they are sought by many, they said. The benefits from pineapple are many and so, many people come to buy.

Good business?

Kuya Wilbert said it sure is. There are days when they’re able to sell around 150 pieces. However, I find it amazing how they can take peeling over a hundred of pineapples when I find it so hard to peel even just one piece. ^_^

Sure…their hands have become so rough to the touch; no doubt about that. But those hands belong to a responsible couple whose priority is family.

Going abroad to work is not their dream because that would mean separation. A simple life, they said, is all right with them as long as they are together.  Some cash in the bank, kids in school, having SSS and PhilHealth and a fairly comfortable and enjoyable life together as a family—- “pinya-sarap na ang buhay!”

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