Philippine Temperature Rocks, “it reached 52 Degrees”

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The Philippines’ temperature rocked recently with the highest heat index reaching 52 degrees and everybody felt like being inside a warming oven. According to the PAG-ASA (Philippine Atmospheric Geophysical  Astronomical Services Administration) a weather agency in the Philippines, last Monday, April 11, the heat index escalated to 51 degrees,  making its historical record, but surprisingly  after that day another record hit, which made it to the record of Philippine history  the hottest day of all time. The Heat index reached 52 degrees  and Cabanatuan City made it to the new record. The historical record is 42.2 degrees Celsius, observed twice in Tuguegarao City on April 22, 1912 and on May 11, 1969.

The weather in the country has really changed these past few decades, and the temperature is getting hotter and hotter. It shows the weather changed rapidly from 1960’s until now. The main reason is Climate change, the weather rapidly change from cooler earth to warm and hotter weather.

Climate change affects everyone, but its effects are felt most by the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities, who live in regions that are susceptible to changes in the climate and whose livelihoods are dependent on natural resources – for example drought-prone sub-Saharan Africa, or in marginal areas such as floodplains or unstable hillsides. Carbon emissions  is the main cause of climate change. A lot of factories from highly industrialized countries which contribute too much to this carbon emission. Global warming causes the melting of the glacier from the north pole and south pole.

The Philippines Islands are mostly affected by this global warming phenomenal, it causes a lot of disaster every year. We have La nina, wherein typhoons hit the country every year and causes flooding not only in the main city but also in the provinces. Destroying our crops and livelihood of the people. We have an El nino a phenomenal condition which affect of our farmers because of a long drought. This weather condition affect the  people because of too much drought and affect the rivers and lakes dries-up.

This weather condition affecting today is really phenomenal, just imagine that it happened a long time ago, in the 1960’s  and drastic change happens. A lot of people complains of too much heat and it feels like being in a warming oven. This is a really crazy thing. This weather condition will affects every human and even the animals, too. The best way to prevent Heatstroke is to stay away from direct sunlight and make sure to drink more water  everyday.  Don’t expose yourself to too much sun to avoid a skin cancer which is caused by  high level UV raise from the sun..

Family and friends drink 8 glass of water a day to avoid dehydration. Also you can use some sun protection lotion to avoid skin cancer and skin burn. Prevention is better than cure.

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