Personal reaction of PNOY’s ‘boss’ to his SONA


“Kayo ang boss ko!” – President Benigno Aquino’s famous battle cry.

Millions of Filipinos were inspired by this phrase and hoped for the new beginning for the Philippines.

A lot of projects and programs were implemented by the Aquino’s administration. The economy goes high and became internationally competitive, national security has now have modernization program as it allotted higher fund compared to the past years, education was the primary focus of the administration, and so forth.

Claps and deafening praises make the present administration to boast. However, the saying, “you can’t please everybody”, became true to the situation of the government.

Last July 27, 2015, President Aquino delivered his SONA (State of the Nation Address) and included in his report the accomplishments of the administration for the last five years of his term. May people were overwhelmed but his address also meet criticism specifically from a few group of activists comprised of students who gave their appeals to the president by rallying on the streets over the Quezon City area.

In his report, I have noticed only three things he discussed. First, it was about the priority bills or legislation he wanted to be passed in the Congress. Second, the yearly repeated blaming of the present administration’s problems top the Arroyo’s administration and giving negative criticisms against Vice President Jojo Binay, who is aspiring for president and declared himself as the leader of the opposition. Third, he gave thanks and praises to his Cabinet for their good deeds, services and undying support for the administration.

I have also noticed, as expected, that he never included in his speech the issues that could give a negative impression against his administration, like the Mamasapano encounter, the problem on energy, and he also never mentioned the name of his Cabinet members who are connected by some politicians to the pork barrel scam.

Just like the other administration, the present government praising themselves and not totally resolving the main source of government’s problems, the poverty and corruption. But in fairness, President Aquino tried to make Filipinos feel the progress and development in the economy by implementing projects and programs suited for every Filipinos.

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