Perfect Places to Celebrate Christmas with Your Family

Christmas is just a few days away and if you still don’t have any plans for it then you might as well start searching right now!

It’s a magical time of the year. It’s the days where families and friends alike find the time to bond and go to hotels in Alabang or on vacations to the north. There are so many places in the Philippines where you can celebrate Christmas with your family, all you have to do is choose what kind of vacation you want and go on a trip!

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Here’s a list of places that is perfect for any type of Christmas vacation!

Baguio City

Christmas season is usually connected to cold weather—something that you don’t always have in the Philippines. Not unless you’re in Baguio, of course. As the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio is the perfect place for you to spend a rather cold Christmas. It’s high up in the mountains, but it’s already become quite a populated and commercialized area!

There’s no scarcity of hotels and vacation houses there. You’ll also find a lot of different places such as museums and religious spaces for you to visit! So if your family wants to spend some time out in the cold (there’s no snow though), then Baguio is the place to be!

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Most people think of the north when it comes to vacations and family trips. This leads to some people forgetting that the south also has its fair share of great travel destinations. Alabang is one of them! One of the most commercialized areas in the south, Alabang is home to a number of malls and hotels that will almost always keep you entertained!

Don’t worry, there’s a lot of hotels in Alabang, so chances are you’ll always find a room or two for you and your family to rest it! The area is home to a lot of quality hotels, and their service is incredible! It’s something that you absolutely have to experience for yourself!


In the Philippines, the beach is a year-round destination. Most families choose to go on summer because it’s the typical season to go swimming, but for some, it’s also the perfect destination for Christmas!

Those who love to go swimming or the beach, in general, will find Palawan as a great destination to spend Christmas on. you can enjoy the comfort of a resort, or you can go beach-hopping! When you’re in Palawan, you’ll be surrounded with some of the most beautiful beaches that can be found in the Philippines!

El Nido. Palawan Photo credit: Joie Joema

Key Takeaway

Spending Christmas at home is a nice thing to do, but some families just outright want to make the most of the occasion! Christmas is the season of giving. Give your family some well-deserved rest and relaxation. It doesn’t have to be grand, or full of activities. Just look for places wherein everyone in your family will enjoy and that will be good enough for everyone!

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