Paradox of a Liar

You know I told you before…

I told you I will stay beside you, but I can never hold on no more. I told you I will understand you and protect your very being, but I can no longer turn a blind eye to the reality that I’m the one hurting. I told you I will keep all your secrets safe, but keeping them alone became shackles that held me down. I told you I will wait for you, but all I’m doing is limiting and denying myself of the hapiness I deserve. My world revolved around you for a while, but this was nothing more than a subconscious reality I thought we both had. All these reality eventually become lies! All of the sincere truth behind every word, every promise, every action, they all became lies.

We were both liars in this silly game you orchestrated. I lied in about all the truths and promises that I made. You, almost in everything, everytime you get a chance. I’m not saying that you’re at fault here, that you’re the villain in this story, I want to put that out there. But darling, you put me in situations that I have no other option but to lie.

Remember when you told me to wait till you come back? At first I’ll be honest, I was really willing to wait. But the wind blew your idea out when you decided to go with someone else. Then my promise became a lie to cover for my own expense. I ain’t waiting for you no more babe, that is stupid!

You clouded my mind, you got me, hook, sink, line and tackle. In this world full of liars, the Liar’s Game of thrones, you’re a royalty. And me, a mere pawn.

These lies gave me an opportunity to view things behind every curtain. Trusting has been more difficult lately. I can no longer judge the the ocean by the drop of a water, nor the sky by the color of it’s cloud. You made me this way and I am, in a way, thankful.

What if Pinocchio say, “my nose will now grow?” If he is lying, his nose should grow, but if his nose grows, then he is actually telling the truth. On the other hand, if he is telling the truth and his nose starts growing, then it will violate the condition that his nose grows when he is lying- The Pinocchio Paradox.

Pinocchio nose photo
Photo by Zygia

Same paradox applied to you. I know that you’ve gone through hell and back. Maybe this is your way of getting out of the pinch. But darling, you’re spreading the hate instead of nipping it.

I got served for playing your game, and I think I deserved it. My life itself is never a highlight real, my conscience is never clear. I too may be at fault, I can never really tell. But just remember…

You know I told you before… ?

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