P100 Beach Bummin’ at Manuel Uy Resort, Calatagan Batangas


I am back in the PH after a month of roaming around Thailand (which I still haven’t finished writing about, hehe) and it feels goooood.

I keep saying that I thought I wouldn’t miss the PH, but I was so homesick after maybe 3 weeks of being away. Thailand is stunning, don’t get me wrong. But there’s just something about the Phils. I can’t quite pinpoint what it is.

Maybe it’s the kwekkwek, I dunno.

Anyway, that’s not what I’m excited about right now.

If you would ask me what I have missed the most being away from the PH, I’d answer in a heartbeat. I wouldn’t even flinch. What I missed the most is this:

It’s the Philippine beaches, b*tches! (Sorry, I just had to.)

Plus, it’s summer! Nobody could ignore this heat.

So after a few days of going around the city –hi, traffic! – we decided it’s time to do a sudden beach trip.

We literally googled nearby beaches at around 1am and was on the road at 4am.

Now here’s what I’m excited about:

I’ve been to Batangas for its beaches multiple times, but did you know there’s one that would cost you only P50 for a day tour? Or P100 for an overnight stay?

I know right? It’s perfect for the tipid me.

Say thanks to the Manuel Uy Beach Resort located in Calatagan, Batangas!

The place is just beside Stilts Resort and it’s not really a “resort”. I mean, there are no pools or garden villas or any of those. There’s really just the beach and you. And if you want to pitch a tent, you only need to pay P50.

The municipality will require you to pay a P30 per person environmental fee though.

There were four of us that day and we didn’t stay the night so, overall, for our day tour, I spent a total of P93 (around $2) which is definitely not too bad.

The sand isn’t as sparkly white as the other Batangas beaches and the place is definitely untamed but you can’t say it’s not beautiful. The water is the clearest of blues.

It’s also easily accessible. In Pasay, just behind Kabayan Hotel along EDSA, there are vans going straight to Calatagan Market (P180). From there, just take a trike going straight to Manuel Uy Beach Resort (P200/4pax). And voila, a relaxing afternoon is yours for the taking.

If you’re into unspoiled beaches, where there’s peace and quiet, this one’s for you. God knows you deserve a summer break.

 See more of my misadventures at alettertotheuniverse.com. 🙂

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