Our 3-Day Stay at Punta Bulata

My 180-degree-view of the beach

For the first time, hubbie and I joined a medical mission in the Philippines.  This was jointly sponsored by the Association of Philippine Physicians in Maryland (APPM) and the Philippine Nurses Association Maryland Chapter.  The planned medical mission was going to be in the remote town of Cauayan in Negros Occidental.

This vacation was truly a whirlwind for both of us – a wedding in Surgiao, a visit to Bacolod, a medical mission in Cauayan, a family excursion in Zambales and a visit with high school friends in our hometown in Cainta.  We also stayed overnight in Hongkong on the way back where we decided we wanted to stay longer the next time we travel back home.

The swing…

We had 3 choices on the last day of the medical mission.  We had a choice to join the bigger group that would go to Sipalay, or go back to Bacolod with our dear doctors or hubbie and I could do our own trip to Punta Bulata.  Since the husband and I love the beach but we were apprehensive of the long trip going back and forth from Sipalay and there were no near beaches in Bacolod, Punta Bulata was the more practical choice.  I would like to spend all my remaining hours in Bacolod where I can hear the waves and smell the sea.  I wanted a respite from the hectic schedule of the plane ride from Baltimore to Manila and directly going to Surigao and flying to Bacolod for the mission.  Punta Bulata seems like the break we both needed.

The white, fine sand

The resort was simple and a bit on the rustic side.  It wasn’t  “grand” like the international resorts.  But it was the simplicity and laid-back vibe that actually made me love the place.  We were there in February so there were not much tourists and everything was peaceful and quiet.  I love the feel of the rooms with its huge floor tiles and eclectic vibe.  Their bathrooms were like simple oasis but with a dash of striking colors. Their windows were the old vigan-styled capiz shells which I am so in love with.  The restaurant on the resort grounds was close to the beach and open.  It was romantic.  Too bad I wasn’t able to take pictures of the room and restaurant but I got this pictures from their site.

Our stay was what we needed.  We had a huge problem with the domestic airports from one hop to the other that it actually stressed me just thinking of domestic flights.  Punta Bulata’s sand and seas was a gift from heaven.  It was like Someone up there was telling us, “now, now…  Relax. I have something that would soothe your tired minds.  Patience is a virtue.”   And indeed, the early morning walks along the long coast, that early morning low tide and the feel of that February breeze was something I will never forget.  In fact, February is the best time to be going around – not much foot traffic, the restaurant felt like our own dining room and the beach and pool was like something we just naturally had in our own backyard. For even just a few days, we “owned” a resort!

The water slowly coming in

My highlight of the trip was seeing my husband enjoy his walks along the low tide, looking for treasures in the water grass, taking pictures of starfish and just strolling so far from the beach with the water ankle-deep.  To see him so serene and just being one with the whole place just lightens my heart.

Macro photography practice

The resort also has an infinity pool that, again, was just ours to enjoy.  Hubbie and I had fun swimming and part of it was because  there was no deep part.  It was all just less than 5 feet of water all throughout the pool.  And altho we’ve been having countless swimming lessons, I don’t think I’d be that secured to go to a deep pool without a lifeguard standing by.  So this pool is perfect.  And I got to use the GoPro to the max.

All in all, I had a wonderful time.  It was a good 2 day rest that when we came to travelling back to Bacolod to resume the “tourist agenda” and then going back to Manila to join my sister and brother, I had the renewed energy I needed.  So yes, Punta Bulata is a very good resort to go to if you’re in the Negros Occidental.  I would love to go back and just stay – for week maybe next time, since I plan to go to the conservation island of Danjugan.  (We didn’t get to go there because the beach and the sea made us sooooo lazy to lift even a finger to pack, lol)

(My GoPro video of the pool and my live video of the resort on my site @ thegigistyle.com)

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