Open Mic Performer 1: The Host

bf25f99431a8ac79_640_microphone1“Good evening, everyone! Welcome to the Open Mic! If it is your first time here, you’re in for a real treat. Let me tell you all about this event first. We do this thing every Tuesday night. It’s TGI-Tues for us!

Basically, everyone signs up to perform two songs. First ten people gets a slot for the night. Unfortunately we only have nine performers for today. So I’ll get things started and show you how it’s done.”

I strum a chord while giving what people tell me is a rather cheeky wink. The audience claps with great enthusiasm. Good crowd tonight. Good crowd.

I’ve been hosting this Open Mic since 2013. Before this gig, I was one of those bus boys, cleaning up the glasses and plates from those tables, occasionally taking orders. Very glamorous, yes.

During one of those rare moments when I took orders, this guy started talking about how there should be an avenue for aspiring musicians to share their craft. He was looking at the big empty space at the side of the bar saying that could be a stage and that, it didn’t have to be every week, but it would be awesome to let people grab a mic and sing their hearts out.

“Yeah, an open mic…” I had nodded, pondering at the possibilities.

“Yes, exactly that!” His eyes had a fire in them and had pierced my own. “By any chance, would you be able to talk to your manager?”

“Uh… sure. Yeah.” I was hesitant but this seemed like an idea that could change a lot of lives.

Change a lot of lives, it did. Including my own.

“We need a host,” Gabe, the guy who started this open mic, told me after my manager amazingly gave the gig a go signal. “And a sound boy. I can work with the sound. How are your hosting skills, bro?”

“Not too shabby. I got top marks in my speech communication courses in college.”

“There you go. Let’s do this. We’ll work on promotions. You spread the word to your customers. Three Tuesdays from now, we will launch this thing!”

You can do almost anything
All you gotta do is dream
All you gotta do is dream

As I sing Tyrone Wells’ song, several people in the audience clap along.

Yep, all you have to do is dream and put feet to those dreams.

(Up next, Performer 2…)

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