Open Letter to Boxing Associations

To the Boxing Associations in the world:

Good day!

Before anything else, I want you to know that before I’m not a big fan of boxing but after seeing videos and matches, I quickly became interested and find it very entertaining.

The reason I wrote this letter is to point out the future of boxing. Just a few days ago, we have witnessed another boxing match called “The Fight of the Century”. Where two of the best boxers of the decade fought with each other.  But however I was a bit disappointed. Why? Because there was a little action seen in the match. All I saw is running and hugging. Mayweather maybe a defensive player but I think his style is not acceptable in the world of boxing.

I have seen some of the fights of Ali, Leonard, and Tyson; all were bloody but is definitely what I have pictured boxing to be. Bloody, aggressive and full of action. Those days I think were the glory days of boxing. Pacquiao also gave us his treat as he shown the world his combative side. But wait, if you are thinking that I’m in Pacquiao’s favor. No. That is not what I meant while writing this letter.

All I’m concerned about is what now? What will happen if other boxers that have the same style as Mayweather will come to fame? Then boxing fights will be boring. As I know, boxing is a form of entertainment then atleast give us action! That’s what we want. ACTION. Not just running and punching that are almost comparable to a peek on the cheek. We want blood, we want gore. We want to see the aggressive side of the players.

Although this defensive style of Mayweather is considered as a safe way of boxing. I beg to disagree! That’s just a stupid excuse! Damn. If you enter the world of boxing then you need to be both offensive and defensive! And this is just clearly showing us that these fighters are plainly not there for action but only for money, easy fame, easy glory, and easy win.

If you want to save the world of boxing, you might as well change your rules before your fans turn their backs on you. Bring it back as it is in the past. Save it before it is gone.

I hope you’ll hear my side.


  1. Mayweather might have won, but he completely lost the little respect people who dont like him have for him, and those are legion.

    He now stands for how boxing should NOT be fought,.

  2. Boxing was never humiliated like this before, thanks to Mayweather and those Judges. They have made it a bigtime FUCK. better watch UFC or MMA. FUCK boxing!!!

  3. RIP boxing. after I watched and subscribe pay per view. Well its all damn regret. I would not ever watch boxing.. I swear to God. Its clearly for money and cheating.. judge for sale and referee for sale. well to summarize them all. boxing is well COOK!. God bless boxing!. and goodbye forever!

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