Only One Reason to Vote Rodrigo Duterte for Philippine President

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If you have many reasons not to vote Rodrigo Duterte, well, I have only one reason why I prefer Duterte to become our next President. I can’t agree more on what he said about who we want, ‘someone who steals money, or someone who kills criminals’ – of course, nobody wants ‘someone who steals money’, right?

I am pretty much sure that we all are disappointed from all of the s**t happening in our beloved country. We all want a better place, for us and for our future generations.

Well, have you ever wondered why the Philippines, from the very beginning until this very moment cannot be considered as a ‘developed’ country? Is it because we have had very corrupt government officials, poor governance or is it because Filipino people are blind, socially?

I am sorry to tell this – Filipinos are corrupt! (this is not in general)! Why? Because we allow vote buying! We allow media influence us! We let money talk! We fantasize ‘epal’ and sociable politicians! Haven’t you realized that these are all forms of corruption?

I won’t do too much talking, let’s go on with the one and only reason why Duterte is a perfect fit in the Presidential chair. You will realize it.

Rodrigo Duterte is VIVID. He is oozing with vividness. I guess we all know him. He has mistresses, he has killed criminals, he has not much wealth like other politicians. His intentions are clear – eliminate criminals and drug lords, make the Philippines a better place such Davao City province and execute a firm law for us to have some fear and some RESPECT – because we don’t have that.

If we talk about having mistresses, it is mutual understanding between him and the women, so why blame him (you can vote a virgin priest, if you want)? This just means that he is nice, caring and lovable person, right? It is an advantage for us voters and the people of the Philippines to know the facts about who we are voting. For instance, Duterte is crystal clear, admitting (it’s an honesty) he has mistresses and revealing his darker side before the appointed time – the election.

Duterte’s darker side – womanizer, criminal killer
Santiago’s darker side – Do we know? She hasn’t revealed yet.
Roxas’ darker side – I heard you say ‘King of EPAL’
Binay’s darker side – Opps! The whole thing, hmm.. you said that.
And the rest, we don’t know them yet.

Oh, before poking me for saying this, how sure are you that other dirty politicians out there are holy? Did you know that most of them too are having an affair? They are just fakes, liar a***es who won’t admit it. Trust me in this.

Why I’ll go for Duterte? Aside from being vivid, he is also responsible (so, let’s just say ‘two reasons why vote for Duterte’, sorry for the title). Back to when we were in school, we experienced having our class president, we always picked those from wealthy family because we think they are cool. Sometimes we picked from the poor family because we think we can rely on them.

Okay, chances are the ones from wealthy families has secretaries to do the tasks on their behalf. He’s a wealthy man, why the f**k care? Do you really believe these politicians want a better life for us or should I say a much better life for themselves?

Duterte is.. well, probably not so poor, but not wealthy either. Less prosperous people tend to work hard and are responsible. Duterte, I am sure is less sociable, his kind is among those who finishes work first before partying. His iron-fist is what we need to make the Philippines a better place to live and finally a country we can be proud of.

I’ll go for Rodrigo Duterte for President. Would you?

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