One, Two, Three; get set, fly with your dreams


Every individual has their respective dreams. Remember when you were little kids. You had no limits to dream, right?

Adults usually ask us “What do you want to be when you grow up?” You say “an engineer,” ”a superman,  and others that far beyond  your imagination. Then, you get older and you forgot what you have wanted to be because you are conceive that your dreams are now impossible to achieve.

You become skeptical because your childhood dreams were already taken away by time. You are now afraid to fight for what you had dreamt before. You are now get bombarded with reasons why you couldn’t able to live with your dreams.

So… what you should do to get out outside of your box so you can live with our dreams? Here’s my one, two, three simple steps to fly together with your dreams and aspirations in life:

The author with his students as he always reminds them to believe that they will achieve their dreams someday.

Step #1

Start on the day you were born

Imagine yourself when you were born. There’s hope in your parents eyes. They started to build their dreams for you. Maybe they thought that they will send you in expensive schools or they wanted you to make a basketball player. There are many maybes, but that kind of idea migth flickers when the day they saw you. Perhaps, they feel blessed because for them you are a gift from heaven. All these possibilities might happened. By imagining with those moment, it will serve as your source of motivation to dream more. Imagine your parents sacrifices especially your mother when you were in her womb. It was nine months. Through this, they deserve a reward. And a greater rewards that parents can get is seeing their offspring living on their dreams.

Step #2

Get out of your comfort zone

Don’t be afraid to explore. Most successful people we know live with their dreams in mind; hence, they never give up. If you are contented in your comfort zone, the tendency is you will be afraid to make mistakes, and you will easily give up on every battle. Hence, you tend to limit your perspective. You cannot expand your vision.

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Step #3

Live with your dreams

As what one of the songs of Owl City said “Dreams don’t turn to dust.” Therefore, you have to act in order to make those dreams come true. You should act in accordance to the path towards your dreams. The only person who can make your dreams come true is- you. Yes, only you. Then, you have to work hard. When you live with your dreams, it would be easy for you to achieve it.

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