One-sided Love Affair

You know what? I hate you! Yes, I really hate you!

I hate every single thing about you. I hate that long, silky hair that bounces in my front every time you pass by. I hate that precious smile that makes me heart-broken;l I hate those pretty eyes that make me stand frozen. I hate those lips that I really want to kiss; I hate that body that excites me to give you a warm embrace. Yes, I do. I do hate every thing about you. Because I am certain that those beautiful things I adore about you… can never be mine. I hate you for you don’t pay even just a little attention to the love that I want you to have. I wanna give you whatever I have, but it seems that you never care. You have shown me that you don’t want to accept it. You’ve proven me that I cannot have you even in my dreams. You don’t know how much I feel for you, but, what can I do? I don’t have the strength to say it.

One-sided love (Photo credit: blacktequila.deviantart)
One-sided love (Photo credit: blacktequila.deviantart)

I know that you cannot utter those sweet words because of that boundary; we’re friends, and I know that! We are really good friends. But, can’t we break those walls?

Oh girl, I hate you for making me fall deeply in love with you! And I can’t believe I did. Would it still make any sense if I say the words “I love you?” I’m afraid you’ll answer me with a “No!”

I keep on hiding this stupid feeling for I am scared that you’ll just leave me hanging with my infatuations. I am frightened that we’ll be totally apart. Don’t blame me. It’s not my fault. It’s all yours! You made me fall in love with you.

How I wish that we’re together, happy with the love of each other.

Please listen to my last words…
“I love you! Please say you also do. Girl, I really, really, really love you. I love you so much!”

Is this enough to make you believe? No, don’t get mad at me. I just did this ‘coz I can no longer hide this feeling… this foolish feeling that tortures me every time I think about you. And that every time means every second of my life. You just don’t know how much you mean to me. You don’t know how much I care. You don’t know how much I feel for you, because if you do, you’ll be mad at me. Please don’t make me realize that I am really just a friend. If you feel the same way to me, do not hide it.

Oh girl, please… please don’t be so selfish letting me live in this one-sided love affair.

author: G.Kabalyero


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