Once in a Blue Moon


BLUE MOON is the second full moon of the month. It occurs when two full moons happens twice a month.


“Once in a blue moon” is an idiomatic expression which means seldom to happen or sometimes refer to as once in a lifetime. Everybody was so excited to witness this terrific show at the night sky last July 31, 2015 since it is so rare to happen.

Like the people, like life! If you encounter opportunities outside and there’s time to grab it then go and so be it. Many people encounter problems when it comes on how to get their wants and sometimes the person who get is not even deserved or is no ready to embrace this opportunity or not happy to have it, a mismatch. Life is full of mismatched things, what a sad life?


Like watching the greatest show in the night sky, you will notice the clouds and stars playing as dancing background making the attractive, and suddenly you don’t want to stop looking at it. “You’re so gorgeous!”, “I thing I’m falling in love with you’, and the moon shows its killer smile make you feel like you’re dying. It is infrequent to happen. All you want to do is cherish every seconds of your life while looking to the person you fall for. Blue moon is like true love, it will give you happiness from the special person of yours, but the real meaning is… it is so rare to happen.


While looking under the clear sky, your eyes, back, neck and others part of the body feel tired and weary. It’s like your first day of school, you’re so excited and you’re laughing all around and talking with your new found friends. You feel so much happiness when you saw a nice handsome guy or pretty girl looking at you then stick for a couple of seconds. Then suddenly your classmates shouted at you saying, “Hey! Our professor is coming!”. It just happens in the first day because the other days made you busy doing stressful projects. You’re so excited to see the blue moon but time comes that your desire to look at it turns to boringness and laziness to look at it again.


Just like cycle. It’s too hard to hit the perfect time. And if you waited for so long and tried to chase the things you wanted to happen, then you failed! My gosh! You will wait it again to happen. It takes seasons and years for the blue moon to occur again.

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