On the 12th Day of Christmas My True Love Sent to Me



 To all single people, let us dream for now. Time will come that we will be able to spend our Christmas with our one true love. 🙂

To my future one true love, this is my wish list. 🙂

1. Planner

  • For now, I am using google calendar since I can synchronize it with my email. I have a reminder on my email every time I have upcoming meetings, event and deadlines. However, this is dependent on internet connection so I still prefer a notebook planner since I can bring it anywhere I go. I believe in the saying that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” 🙂

2. Ballpen

  • This thing is very important in my work. I use this most of the time. I want to remember “you” every time I write important points during meetings, or when signing papers, or when doodling just to stay awake during office hours. 🙂

3. Key Chain

  • I want something “cheesy” sometimes. The couple key chain is enough to make me smile. 🙂

4. Shoes

  • If you are rich enough to buy me branded shoes I will greatly appreciate it. If not, no problem. 🙂

5. Perfume

  • I’m not used to wear branded perfumes but If you want a specific odor or fragrance, I think this would be a good gift. 🙂

6. Coat

  • I want to have my collection of formal attire. But if you prefer to give me a nice sweater, that will do. 🙂

7. World Map

  • Let’s make a plan to travel the world one country at a time. 🙂

8. Road Trip

  • A bus ride with you going to your hometown will be one of the sweetest moment that I look forward to. I’ll offer my shoulder so that you can lean on and sleep. 🙂

9. Movie Watch

  • How about a movie date? Let’s watch MMFF? Just for fun. 🙂

10. Dinner Date

  • Nothing can beat this. This is a must for Christmas. 🙂

11. Love Letter

  • I assure you that I will going to read your letters even if it is seven-pages long. I love reading letters of the one I love. 🙂

12. Book

  • I believe in the idea of Maxwell, “If you want to grow, be intentional.” Most of the influential leaders are book readers. I want to be updated with the latest news, worldwide problems, researches, technologies, etc. I also love to read inspirational books, how to’s on business, value-development books, and leadership books. 🙂

The giver is more important than the gifts. So let us appreciate those people whom we love and treasure, more than the gifts. Merry Christmas everyone! Spread the spirit of love and giving. 🙂

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