On Terrorism and the #Fallen44

44It’s been raining on and off today, rather appropriate for the National Day of Mourning for the 44 fallen heroes of the PNP-SAF. I don’t know whether to be defensive, or if I should be ashamed of my belief. Yesterday, I read an FB post that has been going around, saying Muslims are to be blamed for the tragedies in the world. The gist being that Muslims are happier elsewhere that isn’t their country, and that they want to spread despair to that country they live in.

Terrorism is a sensitive topic, so much so that a little opinion about it can trigger a worldwide debate. Who is to be blamed? How should it be answered? By talks or by force? Will it ever end?

I know I can’t deny it– some Muslims have been involved and are still actively wreaking havoc in our country. At least, that is the opinion of the majority. You have to understand how it hurts to acknowledge this.

What is achieved in murder? This is something I will never get for as long as I live. If I could, I will drill this question to them until they can actually sit and ponder sincerely. The problem is that anyone who has murdered will never learn to listen. Conscience is a foreign word to them. Killing one, killing two, succeeding killings they do won’t matter, because they got away with their first.

Half the world probably wants me to feel ashamed for the people who believe in Islam but are still murderous terrorists, but I will never allow myself to be ashamed. My religion does not teach terrorism. My religion does not condone murder or war. My religion does not teach us to impose our belief on another. My religion does not teach followers to rob the country they live in of its happiness.

There are many things to wish, and as a citizen of this country, I want justice. I want those who are guilty to be behind bars; to be dead, even. If the code of Hammurabi had any value today, these murderers should be chopped and tortured. But then, when morality comes to play, I know the best course of action is to push peace talks. We have to fight for a long-term solution.

I know this is not enough for the 44 SAF commandos, but all I can offer is a silent prayer of apology and gratitude. I sympathize to the families who are left to grieve for the slain troopers.

As a Muslim, I do not want to associate myself and my God to the atrocities that these twisted people do. I want them to pay. I want them to suffer as they have let the bereaved families suffer. As a daughter of Mindanao, I pray that at the end of this fight, or at least before I die, this land will finally taste freedom and peace.

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