On Living And Dying

(Photo Credit: Fotofree.com)
(Photo Credit: Fotofree.com)

There is a thin line that connects the living and the dead. People are not that keen in helping the living, but they can give money for the dead.  I have experienced this myself… seeking help, but ignored,  it’s not even for free, but the fact that I am helping others is the reason.

They said how come I could help others, yet I could not help myself more.  That is why I  seek help because I need one, but not a single soul  listened.

Absurd as it is, but its true. How many people would give money to the living in times of need?  They can be counted in the ten fingers one has, . I don’t beg, because It will be given back, but sometimes people would rather see one in dire need than to be of help,  but when one dies they would give as if they have been helpful enough.

I don’t know the rationale behind it, but for me such hypocrisy should not be tolerated. Maybe I’m too mean as a person, but I always tell my son, I don’t want him receiving money from others in time of my death. I wont be needing it. If people would help, then they should when one is still alive. There is no use of those things in the place of the dead. Why care for the dead? When one haven’t in the living. Another observation I have is that in times of death, all of a sudden people cry, even those who doesn’t even care. If in times of living one hasn’t been there, whats the use of showing emotion, too late the hero. Where were you when the person needed you the most. Then good things about the dead are told, when all the while the person is living,bad things are done, in deed and in words. Whats the magic of death that it can make a heartless person give, or an insensitive person cry?……but wait….would it be much better to say good things to a living person than the dead, to help the living in times of need?

People are afraid to die, but they say the dead visits the living. Death can’t be evaded, but living can stop living if they wanted to. If one doesn’t want to live, they can pretend to die……if I would be choosing from both……I don’t want to be in one…or the other…but still what I want when I die …..I want none of those extravagant wakes, a simple one day will do….I don’t need alms, just help those people I helped…they needed it much….be good to them……don’t send me flowers, I will never appreciate them…they will wither just like me….such a waste of money……don’t cry when I die….you were not there in my times of need, you were not there when  I cried, do you know when I needed you the most?…so why waste the tears….don’t tell good things about me…I wont hear it anymore….have you appreciated the simple things I did? If not then I don’t need appreciation …..I need to see you while I’m still alive…….

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