On Having a Relationship with a Foreigner

English: A couple leaving the altar.
English: A couple leaving the altar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since it’s Eid (for Islam), I got the chance to wander around Dubai these past five days. I did some photography, journals, and met different people from different countries across the globe.

I was with my prince, of course. It was a bloody experience; blood flowed through  my nostrils. I carried on; I had to finish those interviews-(whatever you may call it) for my next blog.

As I noticed, majority of those I met; in the malls, beaches, parks and hotels, are a couple or partners from different nationalities.

 Filipina with Arab, Filipina with Indian, Filipina with Black guy, black with white, short with tall, and etc. What scared me was the guy born on 1964 with a 21 years old girl from China (I’m praying she’s not my kabayan).

 Is there any chance to meet, mingle and marry those of different nationalities, cultures, religions and backgrounds? And live happily ever after? Or, would it last one-to-three years only? Well, let’s see. I myself will tell you in my future blog (wink).

 There are lots of people who had relations and married with the same country, culture and tradition, but sometimes still did not work. On the other hand, some couples from different countries, culture, tradition and background hit it right, they are compatible as individuals. Though there are some complicated things like food and language, duh, you have two hands, the left and the right, clap them softly one..two..three. Use action, later on you will understand each other like no other. You will have your own language that only the two of you would understand, believe me.

 I must say that having a mixed-marriage or relationship could absolutely be  more interesting. The most important factor in determining the success of a relationship (weeh..expert?) is not based on where you are from, but compatibility and respect. My butt is pretty much sure that a number of factors is contributory to compatibility,  which includes having a similar mindset which is very rare, patience, and understanding and shared interests.

In reality, for most relationship, even when you deeply love your partner, there are hard times; and few couples seldom overcome this sort of scenario.

You may have come to an understanding about how your family reacts about this. You may not invest in your own culture’s rules. For instance, you should have been making decisions and planning ahead of time.  Both families’ decision may take some time – but that’s normal.

 It may not be their families who’ll have raised eyebrows, but society as a whole – a fact. Some relatives, neighbors or even strangers are quick to pass judgment. Thus, society jumps to conclusions about your relationship. And you might be victim of ‘racial prejudice’, correct me if I’m wrong. Hmp, whatever. You just have to make peace with those idiots because that would be your greatest revenge to them.

 Having a relationship with foreigner, or entering into mixed marriage should come to just one thing: RESPECT. Both partners must be united. Culture plays a role, yes indeed, but not as much as how the two people communicate, relate to each other and respect each other. How involved are you in each other’s culture, and how involved are you in your own?

Truth is, having different cultures could also be an advantage  Well, you have a lifetime to learn your partner’s culture, find pleasure in things that are not familiar  to you, and vise-versa.  Surely, if you have love in your hearts, each partner will be eager to get to know the other, right?

You both need to be willing and with wild open arms to make changes while not asking each other to sacrifice too much. Above all, know yourselves. Bear in mind that there’s no such thing as the perfect person, or perfect relationship, or the perfect cultural mix, and nothing as perfect as you will wish, so stop looking for it.

If you fall in love, work on it (it just needs some work out). Stop looking for Mr. Perfect and, instead, treasure the person (as Yamashita) that you’ve found.

 And once and for all, as I always say; respect must be earned. Respect yourself and expect others to respect you. –A big smile to all of you.–

Written by: aimeeindubai ( 22/8/2012)

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