On Duterte’s Third SONA: The unmentionables

1. The bandits masquerading as Communist rebels warranted no comment. Not even a whiff. They are not important, they don’t matter, they should just vanish and die. Insignificance is really a bitch.

2. Robredo expected to be humiliated, pilloried and made fun of. She had put it out in social media, a plea for sympathy and shoulders to cry on. She actually readied her dress’ laylayan for the tears she was going to shed. Other than acknowledging her presence, Duterte never mentioned her. She was not important. The State of the Nation is not about her. Insignificance, especially to a vain person, is a damn bitch.

3. The political opposition, the haters, the ousters, the noisy protesters, the anti-Duterte forever, the Padre Damasos and the Dugong Dilawans were never mentioned. All the prepared rebuttal speeches were put to waste. There was nothing to oppose. Insignificance is hell.

4. Last but not least, where were the curses, the bull shits, the SOBs, the bad jokes, the crackling expletives, the foul and the indecent language? What would the noble, the educated, the decent, the holy and society’s creme de la creme criticize and condemn now? What has happened to their favorite whipping boy? Is their raison d etre gone? Is their existence now all for naught? Que barbaridad!

And just like that, in one speech, Duterte obliterated the import of those who think so highly of themselves.

Genius. Pure genius.


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