On Crying…

Photo credit: http://api.ning.com
Photo credit: http://api.ning.com

One of the world’s most inspiring phenomena is the individual’s capacity to cry.


Crying helps us to let go…to be pacified…to move on.

Remember the time you cried after an intense feeling of anger, or frustration may be? Remember the time you cried after being reprimanded? Remember the time you cried when you were broken-hearted? Never put your tears into waste. When you get mad and frustrated, cry and let go. When you get reprimanded, cry, learn from it, and emerge victorious. When you get broken-hearted, like losing a loved one, or having a break-up with your boyfriend/girlfriend, cry and be pacified. Crying is liberating.

Crying is also a reflection of extreme feelings. Imagine yourself participating in a contest. It is the moment when the winner will be announced. All eyes are on you and on your competitors. Feel the intensity and hype of your anticipation. And then you’ll hear your name proclaimed as the winner. On the other hand, imagine yourself celebrating life with friends. Hear the techno music, the clicking of glasses filled with booze, and the loud talks of people around you. Then your phone rings. You go outside and you hear these words, “si mama, na heart attack. Dinala sa ospital, pero dead on arrival na.” When you cut yourself and physical pain ensues, you cry. Whatever emotion it is, humans are capable of crying.

Crying is but simply amazing. It is spontaneous. We see actors on screen crying, but the spontaneity of it is brought about by the emotion deep inside. Crying is synergistic with true emotion.

This brings me to questioning the stereotypical man. The machismo culture inhibits man from crying, as to him, it is a form of weakness. Yet as a man on this side of the culture, I strongly oppose this notion. I cry because I am strong enough to show to everyone both the frailty and the strength of my humanity.

I remember my professor who said, “Not to cry is to deprive yourself of your humanity.” Beautiful. Wonderfully and humanly beautiful.

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