Of Health and Hate

Joma Sison, erstwhile Communist Party of the Philippines Chief and a failed revolutionary, posted on Facebook that President Duterte was in a coma and about to die. Denials from government officials came in torrents with Bong Go even doing a live video while Digong was having dinner. Still, JoMa’s post gained traction and before somebody could say stop, the post had gone viral.

The non-discerning Duterte haters soon were posting joyous celebratory nonsense which appealed only to their kind. The incestuous love fest continued in spite of all the denials with one claiming that the Duterte featured in Bong Go’s video was a double, a fake. Until the president himself and not his “double” spoke in Cebu. By then, JoMa’s hands and feet were in his mouth.

The world over, the health of the leader of a nation is a primary concern to the citizens as should be. Roosevelt, Stalin, Mao, Castro and Marcos were some whose health were questioned and doubted. Were they still fit to lead and govern? Were they healthy enough to make decisions and were not just being used by those around them?

True concern about a person’s health includes hope and wishes for one to get better. Not wishes for sooner than later demise. The political opposition who jumped in JoMa’s bandwagon of lies and ill wishes showed their cards like losers in a poker table; their ambitions exposing their true colors.

Health and hate should not go together in one sentence. In the opposition’s stance against Duterte, hate seems to be the common denominator. There are tons to do for the country and people and Duterte by himself, even with all his power and wherewithal, will not be able to accomplish. The country’s problems are the people’s. The political opposition, included.

And Duterte’s demise, sooner or later, will not make the problems go away. The opposition who can only come up with curses, bad wishes, criticisms and are just waiting for him to die, may want to discard their comatose agenda so that such may find the deserved peace.

For the country’s and the people’s health.

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