Obliterate Indolence

This was from my high school English journal requirement; formal entry #1.


K-POp group As One
Some Filipinos prefer hearing words they don't understand rather than listening to local music. Image via Wikipedia

Recently, Korean Pop music or more commonly known as ‘K-POP’ became a success hit in the country that made artists of this genre come to have their album tours here. It is evident that a lot of Filipinos go gaga over these people. Now, this led me into thinking about how most Filipinos react when it comes to international stars and how they seem to specialize ‘theirs’ than ‘ours’.

Taking many shops as an example, people like me usually go to branded shops from different countries instead of some local shops. This colonial mentality has been acquired by Filipinos easily without even noticing it. I admit I’ve done this and yet I keep on doing it that’s why I feel sorry for myself. In my opinion, our culture – the Filipino culture – must have been preserved. I mean, we could be using Alibata now, we might be wearing clothes relevant to Filipiniana, and we could  probably prevent our country from being discriminated against about not being Asian. (refer to the viral hate mail that was included in Bob Ong’s “Bakit Baliktad Magbasa ng Libro ang mga Pilipino?”)

Younger generation of Filipinos at the Philipp...
Wearing filipinianas wouldn't look awkward to us now if ony our culture has been preserved then. Image via Wikipedia

But actually, if I’m from another country, I wouldn’t be able to determine the real Filipino culture and traditions unless I Google it. I, myself, couldn’t trace any Filipino essence around me anymore; I couldn’t see what should be seen, nor could I hear what should be heard. I cannot completely feel the Filipino overflow within me. Actually, if I’d be given a chance to be the Philippine President, I’d ban certain things from entering the country. I would raise the Filipino culture again, and show them the essence of being a Filipino. I would show the other nations how we should join hands together in unearthing  the unique Filipino culture that has long been gone.

But due to the notorious Filipino trait “Mañana Habit”, I think these wouldn’t make sense at all because the choice would always be within; the key is discipline. The movement should be continuous, and the right time is now. If there could just be a thing, even the tiniest thing that would make the legendary ‘Big Change’. But because I’m just a high school student who is barely even known in the neighborhood, I’d just keep all these ideas in a safe box and when it’s time, I’d get my brain and start working. I do hope President-elect Aquino would straighten things out because I do believe that the time is soon enough. Better yet, the time is now.



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  1. Here’s a comment from Hyden Toro from the article link I gave you.
    The only nation that promoted the “Pure Race” theory was: the NAZIs of Germany, headed by Adolph Hitler, before World War II. They claimed to had come from the ARYAN Race. A superior human breed of
    Extra Terrestials and Humans. (Watch out for Scientologists!). Other races were deemed sub-human. They were only good in being servants of the German Aryan Race. The Pure Aryan Race must be : white, blond and blue eyed. The Jews, Gypsies, and other minorities were deported to the Concentration Camps; to serve as laborers; until they die of starvations. Others were forced to the Ghettos, like the slums of todays, subsisting on hand to mouth existence, because they were sub-human.

    There is no such thing as pure race. I, myself, is a mixture of races: Filipino, Chinese, Spanish, Indian, etc..
    To claim to go back to wearing a “bahag” is not only stupid, but ridiculous. We can rediscover our noble past; claim them, that they are inherently ours; but not to the tune of sacrificing what we have already advanced in our: culture, education and civilization.

    Globalization is the trend for our world. We must be members of the Human Community. Instead, of secluding ourselves of this idiocy of being a “Pure Filipino.” I see every human being as the same; inspite of their: races, color, sex, natural origin, religion, belief, sexual orientation, etc…We are all part of the human race. Once, we will be able to discover the means of travelling faster than the speed of light: we will soon discover other Planets. Perhaps, other beings and other civilizations in other Planets of this vast Universe. THINK IN TERMS OF HUMANITY. NOT IN TERMS OF NATIONALITY. This is the call of the future…”

  2. http://antipinoy.com/pure-filipino-not-true/

    ARYAN RACE rhetorics are crap.

    “One of the myths some have about other countries is that they were able to develop their cultures without outside influence. Japan is often cited as an “independent” culture. But look back into their history. Japan during the start of the imperial era actually copied China, and hence the similarities in their lettering system, dress and architecture. Look at our western world. America is not an original culture. It took from Britain, which is turn took from most of Europe, which took from Rome, which took from Greece, which took from Crete and Egypt, and so on. Even ancient cultures like Sumer and Egypt are thought to have not originated on their own. Thus, every modern culture today is a “tainted” culture. No country at all has a pure culture. We are all melting pots of the entire human race. That goes for the Philippines as well; there was foreign influence even before, when the old bahag-wearing tribes and datus were dealing with Chinese and other cultures.”

  3. This attitude is related to arrogance, self doubt, lack self confidence and insecurity. Denial of one’s Filipino-est (not admitting being a Filipino), putting down other Filipinos is replaced by identifying with anyone other than Filipino. Maybe this is the root on why there’s very little progress in the Philippines. We do not love ourself, ergo, we do not love/support The Philippines.

  4. What makes us Filipino is not in the clothes/items we buy or treasure. Yes, the country has been suffering from an identity crisis for about 300 years, but that didn’t hamper Filipinos from claiming their birthright.

    Yes, we go to branded shops, but let’s face it, we buy it for the name, not always for the quality. Almost half the world’s production is now China-based, and I think we all know what that means. And yes, K-pop is all around, but think about it. K-pop isn’t that different from what boybands all over the world are doing. It’s just in Korean, and they wear skimpy outfits in videos. That’s it, nothing more. Try translating those songs in English and it won’t even sound half as good (nor poetic) as any Eraserheads song. Different genres, yes, but you get my point.

    We’re currently living at a time where cultures and nationalities have blurred into each other. K-pop is K-pop because it’s in Korean (and certainly would have been banned if they were to follow their inherited culture of women wearing Hanbok, which btw have also changed for practical reasons). Marvel, DC and Manga have influenced the way we make comics (in fact a lot of US-based comics have Filipino artists who are revered for their awesome skills). We don’t necessarily eat at McDonalds or Jollibee by taste preference, but for the convenience, and branded clothes have in my opinion, lost all meaning since we discovered Class-A items being sold in 168.

    Tracing the influence of being Filipino isn’t all that necessary. Claiming and being proud that you’re Filipino is, no matter where you are.

  5. Altho the title of this high school piece does not really tackle the point of indolence (laziness) at all, this gave me pause. Our young people are being made to believe that admiring other Cultures makes us not Filipino. On the other hand, we are LOVERS OF BEAUTY. We are great INNOVATORS. We take what is pleasing to our senses and incorporate those in our own lives, often making them even BETTER than the original. As long as we honor our country and everything it stands for and loving it wherever we are in the world, then BEING FILIPINO IS STILL IN OUR HEARTS.

    • I meant the ‘slow change’ type of indolence. Anyway, what you said is true, but young people nowadays are being deprived from the unique culture that Filipinos should be proud of; foreign products are almost everywhere, and kids are being taught that they’re better than what’s ours. I think this is where colonial mentality has to stop, because these kids can’t experience the real deal. I just feel sad for them, actually. But hey, if they are as proud as me seeing a bunch of Filipinos out there making noise in the foreign industry, then no worries for me 🙂

  6. Hmmm. If you can’t trace any Filipinism in your environment then you must have been living in the city since birth. Try going to the provinces. There, the blood of Filipinos runs deep. You see, speaking straight tagalog or bisaya doesn’t make a Filipino… it is how he/she is still able to serve the country. Our culture is diversity. We can’t help it that our history is filled with coloniality, we can’t help it if we entertain other culture and blend it with ours. See english. It’s not British English nor American. It’s Filipino English. And may I raise that Filipinos nowadays are quite awakened is is awakening to our bloodline because other cultures are accepting ours. See

    • Yes I have! Sadly though, I haven’t been to any province. It’s not that I don’t want to, my family just can’t travel for too long, because asthma has been in our blood and we can’t take risks. Anyway, my grandma has been telling me stuff that she did in province, especially during the World War II days. I seriously would want to experience such pure life in the province. And yes, our culture has never been the same ever since our country has been colonized.

  7. i myself don’t like K-Pop, they have the cutest girls/boys. I find it irritating that i think almost all the girls in the country idolize them and they don’t even know what the heck are those words coming out from the mouths of those singers. i can observe that they don’t like the music but they like those cute and handsome men, and that is typically has really no sense.

  8. I think one of the reasons this is happening is due to the fact that a lot of Pinoy’s do not have a reason to be proud of being Filipino. It’s not because that they do not want to, they just don’t have the reason to be patriotic.

    Good news is, a lot of Pinoy’s (Pacquiao, Pempengco, Phil Allstars etc) are stepping up and is showing us reasons why we should be proud to be Pinoy’s and in response, a lot of Pinoy’s now do/wear stuff to show people that they are proud to be Pinoy’s.

    A lot of Pinoy pride movements/groups are operating and is spreading the word also.

    I think the best way to make a Filipino buy pinoy stuff is to educate them or show them why they should be proud to be Filipino’s.

    • Manny and Charice are famous because they are made famous by foreigners. What did Philippine media make of them before they excelled abroad?


      Very sad.

      We should at least stop looking up too much on foreign approval to learn things that are good.

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