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nursesToday marks another chapter for celebration and giving appreciation for the nurses’ since President Carlos P. Garcia proclaimed, the last week of October as Philippine Nurses’ Week on October 17, 1958 (as stated in Proclamation 539). But this will not just be an ordinary day or week for every licence holder in the profession of Nursing, because it will be the day that they will mark and stand for a change.

The movement’s advocacy concerns every dilemmas and as well as complains of Registered Nurses on how the government and the community views, treats and gives importance – if there is even – to each and every one who acquired the Degree of Nursing and licence.

Volunteerism.  Due to lack of opportunities or “job vacancies” (which often they would reason out), it was then that they encouraged volunteerism. It is where an individual can give and share their skills and potentials in an altruistic act. But nowadays, it seems as it’s the only choice given to nurses’ to be able to gain their experience. Thus, False Volunteerism comes in. It just makes me sad because it exploits the nurses’ professional services.

Ratio. They would always say that there are no vacancies, but come to think of it there are many nurses’ who suffers from toxicity in work and more room for exploitation because of the number of patients they have to attend to. Making them to render only now a lesser amount of care for each patient and making them vulnerable to risking or losing their licences. If only there is an adequate nurse-patient ratio (L. Venzon, Staffing), then there will be more jobs for nurses and there will be a better and safe health care services for the patients. There will be a reciprocal perks.

Opportunities. I thought that when I graduated and pass my board examination it would be easy to actually apply for a job since there were a lot of issues regarding the scarce resource of needed nurses to serve and be able to fill-up the needs of a certain institution or hospital. The sad truth, it’s true that they are “in-demand” of nurses but the ratio of nurses to patients is quite not justifiable and the real said truth is that there are also an increase in the population of Registered Nurses who are “in need of a job” and are “jobless” (A. Relova, A Nurses’ Incubus)And the number just keeps adding.

Salary Grade. This is one of the concerns of those who got their licences and able to practice their profession. What is really the rightful amount and humane income of a certain Registered Nurse? When I was a student we have this subject during our 4th year, where we have to really have a clear view of our rights as a profession. Taking up Professional and Adjustment it was said in RA 9173 (The Nursing Act of The Philppines of 2002). Sec. 32 that the salary that a Nurse should receive in our country is Salary Grade 15. In reality it’s just wasn’t the expected. The sad truth, some are merely just exploited and even paid on a much lower income (A. Relova, A Nurses’ Incubus).

Even Mr. Carl Balita, who is also a well-known multi-entrepreneur in the Philippines and a registered nurse as well, encourages the nurses to be united and have one voice. Thus, associations, nursing students, and individual nurses are uniting and making a stand, hoping that this will be a start of something new that we all have been wanting to see and feel in the first place.

As I said before in one of my post, The sad reality, the government still needs to actually see the bigger picture. It is to actually come up of a real solution to the number of Nurses who just wants to practice the Degree that they’ve took up and be able to gain experience of the profession they are entitled to. I’m not against our government or whatsoever, it’s just the way things are in the way the system flows, are just heartbreaking </3

I’m still waiting for an improvement regarding this matter and I’m not downing my hopes, because I know that someday I will be able to wear that White Uniform and Nurse cap once again. That I will be able to finally and proudly say that, “Yes, I am an angel of a sick room and I’m a Philippine Registered Nurse.” without any hesitations. Someday.?

Someday, the angels of the sick room, Filipino nurses, will have a room for our country. Hopefully.


“Nurses Unite”: Nurses For Change Movement

Let’s move, change and make a difference. #Nurses4Change

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