Nonsense News XXI: Interview Interruptus

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1. It was an idea based on the insensitivity of Hollywood and the hypersensitivity of North Korea. Hollywood wanted laughter and profits. North Korea just wanted to be left alone. Still Sony Studios rolled out the red carpet and shot the movie. “The Interview”, a dark comedy about assassinating North Korea’s President Kim Jong Un was scheduled for Christmas Day release when threats to theaters were made about “9-11” like attacks and Sony Corporation was cyber assaulted. Sony after spending several hundred million dollars shelved the movie with no plans of future release.

2. In his last press conference of the year, President Obama pointed to North Korea as the source of the cyber attacks and that Sony erred in capitulating to a threat. Obama pledged action to counter the attack.

3. What was perhaps unthinkable to the American public was how a dictator halfway around the world was able to shut down one of America’s pillars, the freedom of speech without even firing a shot. And will such be the respond anytime a foreign entity threatens America? What happened to the “land of the free and the home of the brave”?

4. It would be argued that business corporations such as Sony can not care less for freedom nor rights. That their bottom line will always be the dollar sign. That governments and people can rant about injustice and assaults to democracy but the costs of such may just be too much for a company like Sony. And rather than suffering a continuing loss, it chose to stop the bleeding.

5. In the final tally, who lost the most? Sony for being in the negative of millions? North Korea for showing the world how they can not take a joke and what fragile egos they have? The US for realizing that brashness and insensitivity to other cultures and people even if such were just for laughs entailed corresponding wages? The American movie goer who has one less of a holiday movie to laugh at?

6. In the proper perspective, it is still just a movie. There is hunger, disease, conflicts, murder, injustice and suffering that must be paid attention to. Turn the lights off, throw the stale popcorn and dispose of your trash as you leave the theater. After the make believe, there is the real life we all must deal with. “Peace on earth and goodwill to men.” Not too much to ask. Is it?

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