Nonsense News XVIII: Insanity in short

(Photo Credit: Dakila.philippines)
(Photo Credit: Dakila.philippines)
(Photo Credit: Dakila.philippines)

1. Napoles says 2,000 Hail Mary’s each day. To be absolved of her sins? How about one public lashing for every peso she stole?

2. Binay is rumoured to be LP’s guest Presidential candidate. Roxas may be invited by UNA to be Binay’s running mate. Politicians have never disregarded the people’s will this much.

3. Aquino seeks $400M loan from the World Bank to fund Conditional Cash Transfer to help alleviate poverty. The repayment of the loan though may create more poverty. Also, it was not that long ago that Malacanang trumpeted loaning money to some first world European country. All hot air and braggadocio. For what?

4. Typhoon Glenda evicted illegal settlers from Mt. Banahaw by its torrential rain and powerful wind. The same settlers that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources have been trying unsuccessfully to evict for a number of years. Typhoon Glenda for Secretary of DENR?

5. Congress moves to oust Chief Justice Sereno in retaliation for DAP’s unconstitutionality. Malacanang has no comment. It does not have to. Money talks. What it says goes.

6. Roxas recent plea for Aquino to seek a second term was dubbed “an expression of his individual freedom” just like every citizen of the Republic, Coloma, Malacanang’s communication director claimed. Problem with that is Roxas is an official of the government. And his spoken idea is not equal to an ordinary Juan’s. What if the Chief of Staff, Armed Forces of the Philippines opined that the civil government has failed its mandate and that it is better for the country to have a military take over? Freedom of speech? Or foot in one’s mouth?

7. Jojo Robles, a columnist of Manila Standard Today, termed Aquino’s and his mother’s ascencion to power as Necropolitics. Gaining power through someone’s death. Cory because of Ninoy, P-noy because of Cory. He is postulating that if Aquino dies for whatever reason, Kris, his sister may be next president. Is it an OMG or a WTF moment? Insanity is neither.

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