Nonsense News XV: To Coup or not to Coup

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1. Senator Sonny Trillanes, he of the Oakwood fame(or infamy depending on one’s political persuasion) said there is a coup being planned by retired generals allied with ex-president Gloria Arroyo. Arroyo who is now in house arrest at a hospital has been charged with plunder by the Aquino government. Trillanes and the former president are not on friendly terms to say the least. The senator was incarcerated for seven years during Arroyo’s term. No love lost on that end. Meanwhile Magdalo congressmen, Acedillo and Alejano (was the choice for Magdalo representatives alphabetical?) backed up Trillanes’ claim. As to the who’s who of the plot, none of the three would divulge any specifics.

Those must be still categorized “top secret”.

2. General Greg Catapang, new AFP Chief of Staff went around different military camps trumpeting support for the president and DAP. Some quarters alleged that the visits were loyalty checks based on coup rumours. The confusing angle (especially if one has been a plebe) is that Catapang and the AFP denied any coup. That there was no intelligence report whatsoever pointing to any destabilization plot by disgruntled AFP personnel or retired generals. Which brings the question, who is lying? Or better yet, who is being played?

3. It was reported that an APC was rumbling down EDSA yesterday which brought some jitters to eyewitnesses as such being a throwback of EDSA 1. Or EDSA 2. Which sometimes begs the question, why EDSA? The Metropolis’ busiest street. The one that literally takes one’s breath away because of pollution, bumper to bumper traffic and road rage. Epifanio de los Santos, a writer, a musician, a scholar, a “genius of many talents” must be turning in his grave. Were the people power revolutions a tribute to him or a disgrace? The young perhaps will ask, Epifanio de los Santos who?

4. It can be ironic bordering on the absurd that after all the denials of a coup from the retired generals, the AFP and Malacanang, it was the President himself who hinted on such during his SONA. It can be recalled that he mentioned about having a lot of threats to his life but those do not matter so long as his legacy of anti-corruption lives on. With his voice breaking, he said he would be at peace if such happens. Kris, his sister in the audience, wiped her tears away. “Stay alive”, she would say afterwards.

So, was there really a coup in the making that was clipped in the bud? Or was such just “saber-rattling” or even a “wagging the dog”? Was such to drum up support and sympathy for Aquino in the light of his double digit decline in ratings and the Supreme Court’s decision of DAP’s unconstitutionality? Was the pathetic display of yellow after Aquino called for such gave birth to the coup idea? Which takes the people back to Senator Trillanes. He, after all the denials, still contend that yes, there is a coup plot.

There is integrity and credibility that a man must live by. Public officials must have these on display 24/7 whether they like it or not. It is hard to discount Trillanes’ claim. Neither will it be easy to disregard the AFP’s and Malacanang’s denial. With one side going against the other, someone is bound to yield. And that is not even considering that the President and Senator Trillanes are allies.

With “eyes wide shut” and mouth longingly open, Juan awaits. Not that it will really matter in the end. Hunger, poverty, disease and the ultimate “pursuit of happiness” more than take the cake. For him, “stay alive” is more than a wish.

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