No To Duterte For President | Here’s Why

No To Duterte For President | Here’s Why

no to duterte for president

My personal background leads me to say NO to Duterte; not because he isn’t fit to be a President, but for some personal reasons I advise you to continue reading and please do read between the lines.

Hence, you’ll begin to understand Why No To Duterte, but Yes, to Duterte.

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Family Background

I was raised having a well-disciplined father, for 28 years of my existence living in the hands of my own family back home in the Philippines I have a lack of experience in life.

There were so many rules to follow in the house that I could hardly breathe because my soul is craving to get out of my comfort zone.

I believe my dad loves me so much that he is willing to die for me and all the rest of his children. Yes, I could feel it right in my bones, but as the eldest among the four, his focus is on me maybe because he wants me to be a role model to my three other siblings and that by implementing rules is the only way he knows or sure of that we have a bright future.

I was like this little soul badly wanting to get out from the place where I used to call my home. I love my dad, but he is getting on my nerves as it feels I was like a dummy human being who has no right to speak up NOR have fun with the place and time that suits me.

duterteNo to this, No to that, No to boys NOR going out with friends, or necessarily need to be within the timeframe or else a big piece of wood waiting for me in the end.

Yes, curfew here and there. I still remember the time and days when he beat me up as if he is ready to kill as a way of my punishment because of my simple little mistakes I made.

I have seen that to my other three siblings too. We cried for help, but the only way I know to get rid of on him is to live away from home.

Indeed, my sister and I are now in the UK living happily ever after together with our very own family.


Living away from home is the best thing that ever happened to me, Yes, I love my family such as my parents and so as my brother and my other sister, though, our means of communication is through Facebook or via Skype alone.

But living away from home felt like I was a newborn, eager to know and learn life out from scratch. It is only living away from home I gained self-confidence because it is only living away from home I learn to live life fearlessly.

My dad used to remind me to be careful with bad guys or to be consciously aware of the negative people around, the reason he implemented so many rules to the point where my soul badly wants to escape with its because he wants to make sure his children are in safe hands or have a bright future ahead of time.


I am now happily married for 8 years and a mother of a 7-year old boy. I am married to a man who is quite opposite to my dad. He is a laid back type of person who allows my soul to be free which I am quite happy to let his soul be free too.

I am living thousands of miles away from my dad, it is my choice and so as my decision to marry someone that is thousands of miles away from home, but regardless of how much my dad wants to make sure that I am doing okay, he could no longer reach me that easy, his rules and regulations that I obeyed for many years no longer works, the way he showed his love just to safeguard me from harm is no longer within his reach.

My experienced with how my dad raised me as a child until the day when I said ‘I do’ to my husband, brought me to a big realization that no one is in control of your life, but YOU.

Yes YOU, such as ME and YOU

  • the criminals

  • the drug dealers

  • the teachers

  • the President

  • the young generations

To eliminate the negative people around is to simply not to be one. And to be one is to show LOVE to everyone. Love is all what we need, not a certain type of President.

Whoever you want to win, fight for it not through physical actions alone, but through the power of your own emotions, but we have two types of emotions, the negative and the positive, I recommend to use the latter because that is all that we need in order to help heal the world.

No To Duterte


Yes to Duterte not because…….

  • he is the best suited President

  • of his strong personality

  • the country needs him

  • he is the answer of what you called ‘change’


Yes to Duterte because……….

  • I believe killing is no longer necessary if everyone will decide to be happy and to allow your soul to be free without stepping into someone else toes.

Yes to Duterte because…..

  • I believe everyone will take responsibility for their own actions and decisions without pointing fingers to anyone and it makes a Duterte job as President really easy.

Yes to Duterte because…

  • I take full responsibility for my own happiness, So Duterte or not, I’ll be happy and life goes on.

Yes to Duterte because…

  • I believe and trust that all Filipino in the world knows what’s best for their country.

Yes to Duterte because…

  • he reminds me of my Dad with a strong personality, he is willing to die for ME and for YOU, but I believe it’s no longer necessary because YOU and ME will take full responsibility.

    Yes to Duterte because….

    • just like my very own strict, well-disciplined Dad, I can’t say No to him because Duterte is like my Dad who is there and willing to die for me.

Above all, Yes to Duterte, but it doesn’t mean I am against the other four who might be elected as next President.

It’s just that we can’t have more than one President.

No to Duterte


Yes to Duterte.

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