No To Aerial Attacks

No one leaves home until home is a sweaty voice in your ear saying-leave, run away from me now. I don’t know what I’ve become but i know that anywhere is safer than here.” — Warsan Shire

There’s a difference between the right thing and the best thing. And the right is always compromise by the latter. I hope this is the case to the current situation now, the Martial Law in Mindanao. But this isn’t the case, it isn’t a question of the best thing to do or the right thing to do. If I am going to ask myself and you:

Is the declaration of Martial Law by Mr. President DU30 the right thing to do or the best thing to do?

The question is difficult to answer as to whether it’s the best thing to do or the right thing to do. But there’s one thing sure here, aerial bombing and air strike is certainly not right thing to do nor the best thing to do. It is never right to kill or to cause death to someone, either by intention or not. Human rights foretold that even the perpetrator has the chance to live.

Both the PNP and AFP said there’s no civilian killed in their aerial oppression. Only fool would believe such statement! How can they identify who are the rebels and who are the civilians if the enemy is still indefinite? But they always justify that the corpse in the war are always the rebels.

It is never the best thing to do to bomb a land that would result to its destruction. That would increase the collateral damage. I could never fathom why such offensive tactics would mean as a tool to dismantle a foe. Because Syria, Pakistan and Libya were bombed by the US troops or the Russian troops and its aftermath was a bulk of refugees. Now tell me, is it the best thing to do to bomb a land that would result to more collateral damage? The best thing to do is to decrease the collateral damage as much as possible, isn’t it?

I do not want my friends to recognize their home, Marawi City, only in photographs not in living colors. Nobody wants it!

So please, Mr. President, I know you do not want to uplift your declaration but we could save innocent lives, we could save properties and save establishments. So please I plead and beg to stop this Aerial attacks!


Courtesy of RAR

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