Nikette Henson: "All 5 Bb. Pilipinas Winners are in Training"

Dear Definitely Filipino Readers:

An exciting week for beauty pageant fans!

This week is the run up to the Miss Philippines Earth 2010 Beauty Pageant at Manila Ocean Park. Coronation night is Saturday, April 24, 2010. I’ll be there to cover it!

On the Bb. Pilipinas side, the Ma. Venus Raj dethronement/reinstatement controversy is dying down, thanks to some positive developments between Venus and Bb. Pilipinas.

Meantime, Bb. Pilipinas Nikette Henson clears up the air after news came out that she was being trained for the Miss Universe 2010…  read on guys:

Nikette Henson - a true Beauty Queen !!!

While everyone was raging over the dethronement and then the conditional reinstatement of Ma. Venus Raj, one girl was keeping a stiff upper lip doing her best to remain cool and beautiful through it all – Nikette Henson.

(Nikette Henson won 2nd Runner-up and when Ma. Venus Raj was dethroned, BPCI passed the crown on to Nikette)

Nikette has been through quite a rollercoaster ride: going to the Miss Universe YES, going to the Miss Universe NO – a beauty queen’s version of hell if you will. Add to that the online backlash against her in forums; unwarranted crap that she did not deserve no matter how you flip the issue over.

To Nikette, crowns off to you for keeping cool through it all and being a TRUE BEAUTY QUEEN!

In my previous post, I had mentioned that Nikette Henson was being trained for the Miss Universe but she quickly sent me a note to further clarify things. Here is her note in full.

“Read your article re: our training, we (5 winners) are all part of whatever training bpci has scheduled for us. whether Venus goes to Ms.U or otherwise, i, as 2nd runner up will still be part of all the scheduled trainings. 🙂 btw, so glad to see Venus a while ago! =) missed her a lot! “

Actually, training all 5 winners makes a LOT of sense, doncha tink??? Thanks Nikette for sending that extra clarification 🙂